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The Best Places For Boozy Brunch In Montreal

The Best Places For Boozy Brunch In Montreal

If there’s two things (among others) that Montreal is renowned for, it is the young drinking age and the plethora of phenomenal restaurants. Combining those two really makes for the best of both worlds: boozy brunch. Here are some of the best restaurants in Montreal where you can get that beautiful invention.


This place is one of my personal favourites for a variety of reasons. You pay $35 and get bottomless mimosas, and if that isn’t a deal then I really don’t know what is. The food here is very reasonably priced and you get generous portions that taste amazing. The avocado toast and the potatoes are to die for and make for a filling meal that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. I would highly recommend this place as one of the best spots to get boozy brunch in Montreal.

The Best Places For Boozy Brunch In Montreal


Here the bottomless mimosas are $25 but the food is a little bit more expensive. In my opinion, the food is definitely worth the few extra dollars because it is mouthwateringly delicious. They offer a unique variety of brunch foods such as crispy cod cakes, ribs & huevos rancheros, a pork belly omelette and cinnamon french toast. These are some brunch foods you probably won’t find anywhere else. You really can’t go wrong with bottomless mimosas and such a diverse menu.

The Best Places For Boozy Brunch In Montreal

Terrasses Bonsecours

Their boozy brunch is some of the most sought-after in the city. You get the choice of a mimosa or a boozy smoothie for those of you who want to change it up. Their meals are both aesthetically pleasing and tasty and there’s definitely something for everyone. You can pay $35 and get your alcohol along with a set menu or pay for a la carte, the choice is yours.

Brasserie 701

This place probably has the most diverse brunch menu of the lot. You pay $30 for bottomless mimosas and get to choose from a range of meals such as avocado tartine, spinach and bacon frittata, gourmet pancakes and so much more. The restaurant itself is absolutely stunning as well so this place should be at the top of your boozy brunch restaurants to visit.

The Best Places For Boozy Brunch In Montreal

Arthurs Nosh Bar

There’s always a line here for a reason: the food is out of this world. Bagels with fresh smoked salmon, the best pancakes you’ll ever eat and so much more await for you at this St. Henri fan favourite. You can get caesars, mimosas and spiked coffee to make your brunch that much better. You will most certainly be going back again and again after you try this place out.

The Best Places For Boozy Brunch In Montreal

Le Cartet

Their meals look just as incredible as they taste. Le Cartet serves some of the best brunch in Montreal hands-down (and that’s saying a lot). Their mimosas make the brunch experience that much better and make for an absolute must-visit while you’re in Montreal. They offer some extravagant meals along with some more basic ones so there’s something for everyone at this classic spot.


You can get a pitcher of mimosa to accompany your meal here, so that should be enough to sell it in and of itself. While it’s not as extravagant as some of the other places on this list, they specialize in well-priced food that is consistently good. I love coming here for brunch because the service and great and the food is even better. I would definitely recommend this place if you’re looking for a more low-key boozy brunch.

Let us know some of your other favourite spots to grab boozy brunch in Montreal in the comments down below!

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