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The Best Graduation Captions To Have In Your Yearbook

The Best Graduation Captions To Have In Your Yearbook

Graduation captions are one of the most important are crucial things that a senior has to decide on. It’s often thought of as the information that one will always be remembered by. There are many types of graduation captions that seniors can go with. Here, we break down the best and most popular categorize people take when it comes to writing their graduation caption.

The Funny Ones

These are the graduation captions people will read 10 years later when they come across their year book on a dusty shelf and laugh. These graduation captions often feature an inside joke that only the people who attended that high school would know. They can also be plays on the personality or high school persona of the individual who wrote the quote. Somehow mom jokes, twin jokes and ones about dating always top this list.

The Hollywood Edition

These are the quotes that come straight from a movie or through the lips of a Hollywood celebrity. It could be a cool catch phrase from a really popular or important movie, film or play. Or it could be a lyric from a song that was so popular that students were often found humming the music or singing the lyrics. I have a strong feeling that “Gucci Gang” was a really popular graduation caption back in 2017. My personal excuse for a graduation caption was Jennifer Lawrence’s hungry quote of “where’s the pizza.” I too love Pizza, so it was only fitting.


The Ones That Really Don’t Care

There is always a handful of kids in high school who really don’t care about their time there. They weren’t a fan of the events the school put on or the everyday happenings of the institution, and they can let it be known to the entire school through their graduation captions. This is one of the best graduation captions because it speaks honesty. And if you want this to be known, putting it through a graduation caption will be the last hurrah. The best caption in this situation will be something around the lines of “thank God that’s over” or “peace out.” It’s all about keeping it real.

The Future Leaders

These are the graduation captions in which students reflect upon their future ambitions. Claiming to be Prime Minster one day is a great caption because it shows the attitudes that student have learned throughout their time at high school. Plus, if that person does achieve their goal, it would be really cool for anyone in that graduating class to say “I went to school with the Prime Minister.”

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The Sentimental Ones

These types of graduation captions are some of the best because they sum up a significant time in a lot of young people’s lives. High school is where teenagers transform their thinking and often figure out what they want to do in life. A lot of friendships are made and deep connections developed. Leaving high school can be a huge step because after that, a lot changes. After high school, people are often thought of as adults and more decisions are made independently. These graduation captions take all of this into account. They always remember all the good times they had and all the hard times they’re going to face.


The Inspirational ones

The inspirational graduation captions are one of the best because they make you want to get up and do the most you can with your time. Graduating high school can bring a world wind of emotions. But these types of quotes can be inspiring for new graduates as they ensure that the hard times will pass and they will be okay in their new lives outside of high school.

Coming up with a good graduation caption can be hard at times, but we hop this list of the best graduation captions help! Comment your graduation caption below!

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