The Best All You Can Eat Restaurants In Toronto

The Best All You Can Eat Restaurants In Toronto

Toronto is home to many of the country’s finest restaurants, which have garnered popularity amongst foodies not just in Canada but also around the world. But let’s face it. The living standards in the city have escalated dramatically over the years, in which many people struggle to dine and indulge in such trendy spots. If you’re the type to feast and savour good food but on a tight budget, then an all you can eat restaurant is the way to go. Here is a list of the best all you can eat restaurants downtown that are affordable and highly approved by the public!  From sushi buffets to endless Brazilian carved meat, we have got you (internationally) covered!

1. Korean Grill House

To all you can eat lovers, this spot is a staple. They offer all-day all you can eat Korean BBQ that range from $22.99 to $26.99 depending on the type of meat you choose. It’s a great place to converse and cook with your friends and family!


2. California Roll

Calling all sushi lovers! Considered as one of the primary go-to’s of all you can eat sushi in the city, this spot serves not only Japanese food as well as Chinese dim sum and Thai food. Their unlimited sushi costs $24 on weekdays and an extra $2 on the weekends.

3. Hot House

Located in the historic St. Lawrence neighbourhood, Hot House has been a major go-to eatery by long time downtown residents who adore Italian food. They host two all you can eat events – a gourmet buffet every Wednesday evening as well as their famous brunch buffet on Sundays that involves a live jazz band!


4. Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouse

A prominent spot amongst major food addicts in the city, Copacabana never fails to be a frontrunner when it comes to all you can eat service. Although the price frame is higher, you can’t go wrong with delectable grilled meat that is carved and served to your table as well as a live production number by samba dancers!


5. Lisbon By Night

When one ponders about Portuguese food, fish immediately comes to mind. This spot, located in Little Portugal, is highly known for its all you can eat fish rodizio and seafood platters. An 8 course meal for $33 per head as well as live music – what more can you ask for?

6. Little India Restaurant

Craving Indian food? Then look no further! This south Asian gem located on Queen St. West of downtown Toronto provides all kinds of Indian meat (options are changed daily), vegetables, seafood, vegetables, and dessert. Their lunch buffet is only $15.95 on weekdays and $16.96 on weekends.


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7. Genghis Khan Mongolian Grill

An all you can eat restaurant that really ensures freshly cooked food. Customers have the freedom to select their protein, vegetables, noodles, and a variety of sauces from a long buffet table that they want in their bowl. Then, all chosen ingredients will be cooked in front of you on a flat top grill. A great place that caters to everyone’s dietary needs!


8. Dakota Tavern

Known for their Bluegrass Brunch Buffet, this spot is a popular family destination. Their menu, which is children friendly, consists of pancakes, sausages, potatoes, scrambled eggs, and fruit salad and is only $18. Kids are only $7! Daytime tunes to accompany your meal is provided as well!


9. Smoke Bourbon BBQ House

Bringing you traditional southern cooking, this spot is every meat lovers favourite. They serve all you can wings on Mondays and all you can eat pulled pork on Tuesdays. Want an excuse to extend your cheat weekend? Then head over to this spot!

Are you a buffet addict? Tell us your go-to all you can eat spots below!

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