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The Best 420 Munchies You Can Prepare This Year

The Best 420 Munchies You Can Prepare This Year

Our favourite “holiday” 420, is just around the corner, and if you’re planning on participating, you’re going to want to do it right. This somewhat historical event doesn’t only invite millions of people all around the world to celebrate freedom of “expression” but also leaves them with what we like to call “the munchies.” I think it is safe to say that everyone enjoys getting high with a bunch of randoms in the downtown core of whatever city they live in, but we could do without the aftermath. We’ve assembled a list of six 420 munchies that will save you from your weed-induced hunger, this year at 420.

1. Aussie Burger

When floating high in the clouds, who wouldn’t love a good burger. Nothing beats a juicy greasy patty when you’re tripped out; add on some crispy bacon, a fried egg and some avocado sauce and you’re set. The best part is that burgers are so easy to make at home, making this one of the go-to 420 munchies. Just get all the right ingredients ready for the big day, stack ’em on the bun and get ready to enjoy.


2. Kimchi Grilled Cheese

If you’re one to expand your horizons and try new types of food, this grilled cheese with a twist will be your best friend, as in, one of the most supreme 420 munchies to ever exist. Filled with spicy mayo, cheddar cheese, nori seaweed and kimchi between two crispy toasted pieces of bread, there is no better time to try this than when under the influence. There is really nothing like a cheesy kimchi delight.

3. Vegan Chocolate Brownies

Now, this 420 munchies recipe, even your tripped out dealer can make; vegan chocolate brownies (and no, they’re not contaminated with more pot, get your mind out of the gutter). If you prefer healthier options, not that weed is that healthy anyway, these brownies will be your lifesaver. Having a sweet sensation to follow suit the savoury is a must at a time like this. And when they’re egg-free, dairy-free and gluten-free, it saves you the trouble of freaking out over eating unborn chickens and beat up cows.

4. Mozzarella Sticks And French Fry Pizza

This next recipe is ideal for the peak of your stoner phase; we like to call it the “stoner pie.” One of our favourite 420 munchies is the adaptation of the mozzarella stick and french fry pizza. That’s right kids, pizza is a good friend to us all, easy to make and even easier to enjoy. But when topped off with even more cheesy goodness and some crispy fries to add a crunch, it couldn’t get any better. What we’re trying to say is that this 420 munchies inspired stoner food is just craving for you to take a hit.


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5. Chilli With Chicken Nuggets

This is not a joke; Wendy’s chilli mixed with chicken nuggets sounds a little funny, but it is actually one of the most satisfying 420 munchies you will ever be blessed to try. If your stoned brain forgets to prepare something in advance, just hit up your local Wendy’s and go to town. Just avoid the weird looks from the cashier, you’ll be fine, I promise…kinda.


6. Chocolate Chip S’mores

Last but definitely not least, is a classic with a slight quirk. Remember those delicious chocolate chip cookies you grew up on that you still continue to have lying around your apartment? Well grab them and get ready to make these mouthwatering chocolate chip s’mores. It’s exactly as easy as it sounds, just whip some marshmallow fluff between each cookie and enjoy this high while it lasts.

So which 420 munchies recipe will you be preparing for your favourite holiday? Or will you just make all of them? Let us know down in the comments!

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