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The Top 10 Bad Fashion Trends That Need To Be Ditched

The Top 10 Bad Fashion Trends That Need To Be Ditched

Leave the 2017 bad fashion trends behind. 2017 was fun while it lasted and those bad fashion trends were probably fun at the moment, but didn't make it to 2018 for a reason.

The fashion world is beautiful and bizarre. There are so many trends that have failed us and some that have saved fashion. In this case, here are the top 10 bad fashion trends that need to be ditched immediately.

1. Clout Glasses

These over sized plastic glasses were overly hyped in 2017 and to be quite
frank they are not flattering on anyone. This is definitely something that needs to stay in
2017. It was 100% a trend that was way overdone and when everyone has it, it’s time to retire the clout glasses.

2. Clear Shoes

This is a trend that was extremely over hyped and very impractical. Though
these shoes are cute in theory, they are just not made to be worn outside of a photo shoot. As humans we sweat and those boots will show sweat through them, and it is gross. Not to mention hard plastic on your foot is extremely painful and not worth it. This awful design makes the list of bad fashion trends to ditch.


3. Fishnets

We have all tried the fishnet trend, but it is time to retire it because it has been
way overdone. Fishnet tights, socks, shirts, and everything about it needs to stay in 2017. To sum it up, it’s not that flattering and looked tacky.

4. Flower Embroidery

This trend was popularized by Gucci denim and suddenly appeared on everything, and I mean everything. Flower patches on shoes, bags, jeans, shirts, and sweaters. Throw them all out.

5. Flame Shirts

These were cute at first, whether it’s thrasher or fashion nova, flame printed shirts are outdated. It’s time to move on.


6. Open Bum Jeans

Ripped jeans are always trending, as long as it’s ripped in the correct areas. There is a fine line between sexy and tacky ripped jeans. These open bum jeans did not make it on the list of cute. They made the cut on the bad fashion trend list, for sure. Lets leave that in 2017, there are way more more flattering ways to show a little skin.

7. Colourful Camouflage Print

This is another trend that was super cute until it was played out. It became so popular that it also became quickly basic. When it comes to camouflage print, it should always be green and brown, the bright colors need to go.

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8. Thick Chokers

The thick choker trend was popularized after Kim Kardashian was seen wearing the over sized accessory on multiple occasions. This made it to the list of failed trends that were never cute, even if Kardashian wore it. They are not flattering and definitely need to go.


Gucci is a brand that used to be viewed as a luxury brand, but it was over glorified in 2017. The brand has gotten to the point where it doesn’t even feel like luxury anymore because
the whole world has it. There’s always someone wearing a Gucci shirt, bag, and hat. Everyone wants to be part of Gucci Gang but it’s time to leave it.

10. Overly Hypebeast People

The overly hypebeast trend was extremely popular in 2017. You know who I’m talking about, those people that mixed Gucci with Supreme, Yeezy, Babez, and every other designer brand in the book. Just because you are wearing designer, it does not mean it’s cute. Don’t overkill designer clothing by throwing them all in one outfit, it doesn’t make any sense. This definitely makes the list of bad fashion trends that needs to end, right now.


Have you worn any of these bad fashion trends before? Let us know in the comments below!

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