The 10 Best Places To Watch The Sunset In Toronto

Summer is just beginning and that means late sunsets. Here's 10 different places you can go to catch a sunset in Toronto and snap some Insta-worthy photos.

Summer is just beginning in Toronto and that means longer days and late sunsets. Places to take in the Toronto skyline are beautiful at sunset and it’s helpful to know the best west-facing locations to maximize your experience. Here is 10 different locations across Toronto you can go to to view a sunset and snap some Instagram-worthy photos!

1. Canoe Restaurant

Far from a cheap option to view the sunset, Canoe remains one of the most breathtaking places to view the sun across the city. Located on the 54th floor of the TD Tower, there’s no better way to enjoy a sunset with some great Canadian cuisine and excellent drinks to match. Make sure to book your reservations on the west side of the restaurant arguably the best spot to view the sunset!


2. Riverdale Park

Grab a beverage from Rooster Coffee House as you walk north on Broadview. You can watch the sunset on an already stunning skyline. Be sure to grab a camera for this event, the photo is well worth it!



3. Leslie Street Spit

Far from your typical walk on the beach, it is quite the hike to get to the Spit. Despite the hike down to Unwin St., it’s well worth the exercise. You can catch good views of the sunset at the beginning of the spit looking over the marina. Or, you can hike all the way to the end of spit, when you look northwest over Toronto Islands. It’s beautiful. 



4. High Park (Grenadier Pond) 


5. Sunnyside Bridge

This location is any photographers dream. The bridge that spans the Gardiner and Lake Shore Blvd makes for a stunning picture as the sun dips below the bustling highway. 



6. Hanlan’s Point (Toronto Island)

There are plenty of places to camp out on the island to watch the sunset, but the west-facing Hanlan’s Point is perfect for photographers, artists or sunset hunters alike. Your view would be mostly of Etobicoke and Mississauga but the combination of the diminished skyline and the sandy shore of the beach make for a picturesque view. 



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7. Thompson Hotel Rooftop Lounge and Pool

If you’re looking for a stunning view of the skyline, look no further then the top floor of the Thompson Hotel. While it’s another landmark that is difficult to get into on a busy night, the view is well worth it. Combining a comfortable lounge and some great cocktails, you can watch the sunset in style! 


8. Scarborough Bluffs

As any person form Scarborough knows, the Bluffs are the one of the best views in Scarborough. Take a hike up one of the cliffs and watch the sunset or have a picnic on the waterfront and watch the sun dip into the lake. 


9. Downsview Park

Toronto is home to this national urban park in the west-end. Relatively flat landscapes make this park a perfect place to watch the sunset in an unobstructed setting. This isn’t the place to  take photos of the skyline or the lake, but it is a place to capture the sunset without any interruption. 



10. Sugar Beach

This beach is the one of the best places to catch the sunset…if you know where to sit. The local Redpath factory blocks much of the west view. But, if you head to the southern end of the beach, you can catch the sun as it sets over the Toronto harbour. 

Do you have any favorite spots to watch the sunset in Toronto? Let us know in the comments below!
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