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Sustainable Brands That Are Currently In-Demand

Sustainable Brands That Are Currently In-Demand

With the global population steadily growing, the production of clothes, shoes, accessories, and textiles has  become increasingly vigorous, in which many fashion brands have left significant traces of negative environmental effects. This impact has also instigated a solid universal interest in sustainable fashion or eco fashion, in which companies take into account both environmental and socio-economic aspects in the process of design and production. In the recent years, numerous labels have followed this trajectory, altering their means of manufacture, distribution,  and marketing strategies to pursue greater sustainability. These are six in-demand sustainable brands that have been presently making noise in the global fashion scene.

1. Reformation

Reformation has been saluted by numerous influencers because of their classic and chic styles as well as their sustainable approach in the production of clothes. Using materials such as rescued dead stock fabric, and up cycled vintage clothing, the LA based brand has been implementing efficient and eco-friendly technologies and practices for years. Reformation has also appeared in the top search rankings for Lyst, a website that curates pieces from over 9000 brands and 2000 stores, with their well-known header piece, the “Thelma Dress”.


2. Veja

Their runners, Veja’s V10,  made the year’s list of top 10 most searched-for shoes on Lyst, alongside highly prominent brands including Prada, Nike, Gucci, and Balenciaga. The French sustainable fashion brand, which was established in 2004, uses eco-friendly materials and resources including organic cotton, recycled polyester and B-mesh that originate from recycled plastic bottles. They also support fair trade in its supply chain.

3. Misha Nonoo

The Duchess Meghan Markle’s close friend Misha Nonoo has been highly sought-after in the global fashion scene for many years. Her brand is committed to the responsibility of decreasing waste and energy footprint by incorporating revolutionary concepts in the design process. Misha Nonoo’s factory partner is also upholding the brand’s commitment to sustainable fashion by implementing recycling programs for its paper, plastic and fabric waste that supports and protects the local community.


4. People Tree

The manufacturers of this London and Tokyo based sustainable fashion brand implement traditional skills such as hand weaving, hand knitting, and hand embroidery. They combine such expertise with new innovative technologies allowing for the complete production process to be carbon neutral. The workers at People Tree also use low impact dyes with no azo chemicals to dye the clothes during the manufacture process. The brand also supports local communities by providing employment and opportunities in areas where work is often scarce.

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5. Nanushka

The Budapest-based sustainable fashion brand, established in 2006, focuses on easy clothing embedded with subtle feminity. Nanushka’s specialty centres on its vegan leather clothing, which so far has been a major hit with magazine editors and cruelty-free fashion enthusiasts. To further solidify their commitment to sustainability, the label also joined the Ellen McArthur Foundation, a charity that supports the concept of circular economy which entails maximized usage and value as well as the regeneration of resources.

6. H&M

It may seem difficult to believe that this fast fashion Swedish brand is concerned about the environment but in the past years, the company has successfully marketed  its series of Conscious Exclusive Fashion, a line that relies on 100% regenerated nylon fibre, and recycled silver. H&M even presents a 124-report that outlines the company’s strategy and path on leading the charge for sustainability in fashion. Though their commitment to sustainable fashion is still arguable, we cannot argue with the fact that the brand is consistently  in-demand around the world.


What other sustainable fashion brands do you advocate at the moment? Tell us in the comment section below!

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