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Sushi Lovers Rejoice: Montreal’s Best Sushi Spots To Stuff Your Face

Sushi Lovers Rejoice: Montreal’s Best Sushi Spots To Stuff Your Face

Sushi Lovers Rejoice: Montreal's Best Sushi Spots To Stuff Your Face

Without a doubt, sushi is the world’s most delicious artform…I mean food. And, luckily for you, Montreal is known for having some of the best sushi spots around, as seen on this wonderful list.

In case some of you have been living under a rock for the past 500 years, sushi is a Japanese dish consisting of prepared vinegared rice alongside a large variety of added ingredients (mainly seafood and vegetables). Further, the art of sushi tends to come from the way it is presented to the consumer. So, put down your little camera and dig in!

1. Jun-I

156 Avenue Laurier, Montréal, QC H2T 2N7


This fine establishment offers its patrons sophisticated sushi, sashimi, and sakes in a classy French-inspired atmosphere. Jun-I has built up quite a reputation over the last ten years and is now considered by many to be THE Montreal sushi experience. The reason, the wide variety of quality seafood simply can not be beaten. Think buttery, melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness; your taste-buds will be begging for more in no time.

2. Park

378 Victoria Ave, Westmount, QC H3Z 2N4

Despite the lackluster name, this is one of few sushi spots you don’t want to miss. Considered to be one of the most elegant sushi restaurants in Montreal, it is not uncommon to share the dining experience with a celebrity on occasion. Yes, that’s how famous this place is. If that isn’t convincing enough to hop into a cab and make your way here, Park is on the list of Canada’s 50 Best Restaurants as well as on the list of “Diner’s Club World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy Global Selection” (That was an unnecessary mouthful.)


3. Tri Express

1650 Laurier Ave E, Montreal, QC H2J 1J2

Among the all the sushi spots scattered around Montreal, this one is, obviously, one of the best. That is, Tri Express sends you into the world of an old French brasserie with an added Japanese and Vietnamese atmosphere. What’s more, owner Chef Tri Du, with his awesome and friendly sense of humor, will certainly make you feel right at home. Be warned, however, because this delicious sushi spot can only contain approximately thirty guests at any one time, so plan accordingly and make those reservations!

4. Saint Sushi Bar

424 Duluth Ave E, Montreal, QC H2L 1A3


One of the most innovative sushi spots in Montreal, Saint Sushi is truly unique. Even their makis have rememberable names such as “Madonna” and “Bob Marley”. Likewise, showcasing high-quality ingredients and an uncommon friendly and lovable atmosphere, you”ll most like be planning your next visit before you have even finished your last bite!

5. Sata Sushi

3349 Ontario St E, Montreal, QC H1W 1P8

Despite the distant location, this is one of those sushi spots that is definitely worth the trip, if not to simply witness the vintage carousel horse. Now seriously, how many sushi spots can say they have a carousel horse in their establishment? I’ll be not-so-patiently waiting here with your answer. In all seriousness, this is another great establishment offering fresh and innovative sushi rolls that the entire family can enjoy. Yes, even little Jimmy.

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6. Sushi Momo

3609 St Denis St, Montreal, QC H2X 3L6

This one here is for all you vegan triceratops out there. The reason being, it is one of the only Montreal sushi spots with an all-vegetarian menu for you to sink your teeth into. With an extremely pleasant and welcoming ambiance, as well as a fresh selection of quality vegetarian ingredients, you’ll surely be returning in no time and informing all your friends about it as well.


7. Mikado

399 Avenue Laurier O, Montréal, QC H2V 2K3

Another famous Montreal sushi restaurant that needs to be experienced at least once, with their wide selection of sushi rolls and numerous Japanese dishes as well as a fabulously convenient tasting menu, original sauces, and private-import sakes, you’ll quickly understand why this establishment is still going strong, even after being around for more than thirty years.

8. Sushi Plus

1248 Beaumont Ave, Mount Royal, QC H3P 3E5


When it comes down to stuffing your face with delicious sushi until you are literally about to explode à la Monty Python, there is no better Montreal spot than Sushi Plus. That is to say, they offer great portions of all-you-can-eat sushi at a very fair price. As well, the staff is well known for being fast, efficient, and rather friendly. Now, who wouldn’t want this kind of treatment? Bonus points: you get to order by way of an electronic tablet; the future is now!

What are your favorite Montreal sushi spots to discover and indulge in like no one is watching (or judging)? Let me know in the comments below!

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