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Summer Gettaways Close To Toronto

Summer Gettaways Close To Toronto

Summer, although it can be known as a relaxing month, is mostly busy for a working University student. Here are summer gettaways close to Toronto.

Summers for university students are hardly ever what it’s like in the movies. Most of us work during the summer just to get that little extra cash to get us through the next semester’s tuition. Summer gettaways are far few and in between those eight-hour shifts, but if you’re living in Toronto, there’s plenty of weekend escapes that are easily accessible. Here are some summer gettaways close to Toronto.

Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain is known for its snowy Alps in the winter time where avid ski goers take turns sliding down the bunny hills. This resorts full name is Blue Mountain Village Resort. It’s about two hours outside of Toronto and offers a lot of amenities for summer gettaways. There are swimming pools, hot tubs, a village with cute shops, fishing, and so many other water sports. They’re known for their penthouses that accommodate large groups of people so you can bring all your friends this summer!

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls has been said to be one of the Natural Wonders of the world and amazingly it’s just about an hour and a half outside of Toronto. Niagara’s fun vibe with its street strip of mazes, haunted, houses, and wax museums is perfect for close summer gettaways. You can also take a ride underneath the falls on the boat they call the Maiden of the Mist. Don’t forget to try out Fallsview Casino and bring home a little extra cash from your vacation.



Tobermory is a town three hours outside of Toronto located on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario. This town offers many ways to plan summer gettaways from staying in a hotel to camping outdoors. It’s known for its beaches on the Georgian Bay that have extremely blue water for a lake. There are also quite a few shipwreck sites that allow for dive-ins. Don’t forget to check out the town’s small vintage 7 craft stores for a unique experience.


Deerhurst Resort

Deerhurst Resort is absolutely beautiful during the summer months. It’s located in Huntsville three hours outside of Toronto and offers a ton of activities for customers. A stay in either their hotel rooms, condos, or cabins, gives you access to a swimming pool, a beach, fishing, boating, unlimited golf, a spa, and their newly designed escape room. They also offer sleep away camp for kids and are open to hosting events. They also host themes events themselves weekly so make sure to check that put before you head on out there.

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Horseshoe Valley

Horseshoe Valley resort is similar to Deerhurst but is a little closer to Toronto, located in Barrie about one hour outside of Toronto. This resort also runs its prices a little cheaper and is also known as a family resort. They offer multiple pools, golfing, spas and many more. They also offer day passes to certain annuities if you’re looking for really quick summer gettaways and are short on vacation time. This resort offers a more laid back tropical resort feel. They’re also open for skiing in the winter months!


Centre Island

This is probably one of the closest summer getaways to Toronto. Dock on one of Toronto’s fairies and harbour front and be transported to Toronto’s island. There’s plenty to do on Toronto’s secret little hideaway. While many people own cottages on the island, it’s a great day adventure. Lounge on one of its many beaches near the pizza district on the pier. The island is also home to a small amusement park great for small kids or people looking for a little carnival fun. This is a cheap fun gettaway for you and some friends this summer.

Have you ever been on summer gettaway near Toronto? Let me know in the comments below.

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