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10 Summer Baking Ideas Everyone Will Love

10 Summer Baking Ideas Everyone Will Love

Although it may be summer time, it’s never too hot to do a little summer baking! These summer baking ideas are the perfect sweet treat that you can take to any of your summer get-togethers. Whether you’re heading outside to the park for a picnic, a friend’s house for a backyard barbecue, or even just want something sweet to keep around the house, these treats are for you! If you’re sick of just eating summer ice cream (not likely, but still), or want to try a new dessert to celebrate the warm summer months, you’ll want to try these desserts. Summer baking is especially fun because you can enjoy all the beauty of fresh summer products – fresh fruit galore! Here are our ideas for some tasty summer baking.

1. Hummingbird Cake

A classic summertime cake in Jamaica, this cake, made with vanilla, spices, pecans, pineapple and banana, hummingbird cake has been popularized in the southern United States. This cake tastes like a tropical island, and with a thick and creamy cream cheese icing, it’s a unique yet show stopping cake that is sure to finish any summer time meal with a wow!


2. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Two of summer’s best and brightest flavours – strawberry and rhubarb – come together for a little summer baking magic. With a flaky pie crust, the harness of the rhubarb, and the sweetness of the strawberries work together as the perfect summer pie. Top it with a lil vanilla ice cream and you’re golden!

3. Eton Mess

Another delectable strawberry dessert, the Eton Mess is a go-to British favourite. Made of strawberries, crumbled meringues and whip cream, this is an easy AND delicious dessert, that looks so pretty! If you don’t want to make your own meringue, that’s ok, but why not try something new with your summer baking?

4. Pavlova

Ahhh yes, more meringue! Meringue is really mush easier than you may think, and for some summer baking, it’s worth it – this dessert with impress anyone! Make your meringue, then top it with whip cream, any summer fruit curd, fruit, and even nuts. Here, I suggest trying cherry, pistachio and rose – beautiful and delicate!


5. Strawberry Shortcake

This is THE classic summer dessert! Strawberries, whip cream, and shortcake, similar to a sweet cake or a biscuit. This summer baking recipe is so simple – just bake the shortbread, whip up some cream, and plate it with some strawberries. How lovely!

6. Panna Cotta

Creamy, smooth and served chilled, panna cotta is a divine way to end any summer meal! This summer baking recipe is nice n’ simple – make the panna cotta with gelatine and allow it to set, then make a fresh fruit summer topping.


7. Blackberry Ice Box Cake

An easy crowd pleaser, this ice box cake is merely composed of cookie wafers, whipped cream, berries and jam. Layering wafers, berries, jam and whip cream in a bowl until full, allow to chill until it is ready to be served. Not reaaaally summer baking, but just as delicious!

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8. Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

This summer baking idea is fun to bake and still refreshing! Make some of your favourite cookies, wait for them to cool, and sandwich them together with ice cream! You could even try making ice cream if you want! Try combinations like chocolate cookies with strawberry ice cream, peanut butter cookies with jam and vanilla ice cream, or caramel cookies with chocolate ice cream!


9. Peach Cobbler

A classic summer baking recipe. Peaches and summer go together like peaches and cobbler – they’re inseparable! Sweet summer peaches with soft biscuit and whip cream; what a combination!

10. Apricot Almond Galette

Puff pastry from the grocery store makes this sweet treat easy, while still seeming like an all-day affair. With a creamy almond paste and halved apricots, this dessert has all the delicate flavours of summer, while still being an easy summer baking recipe.


Which of these summer baking ideas will you take to your next picnic? Let us know in the comments below!

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