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10 Study Tips For College That Will Help You Ace That Test

Exam season is probably the most stressful time of year for a college student. These study tips for college have changed the way I study. No one actually likes to study. Staring at a paper for a constant amount of hours is a type of torture.

1. Organization

My main study tip for college would be to stay organized. Before I start to study, I always clean my room. If I am going to work on my bed, I make it and clean all surfaces.

Just keep everything in place, so I obsessively clean to not study. Also, a part of the organization is making sure all notes and papers are in a folder.

2. Lose the phone

This is a common weakness, going on the phone. I have to either completely turn it off or just the notifications. And when I have a break, I then check my phone.

But having breaks that are specifically for you to check your phone is also not a good idea.

3. To do list

This may stress some people out to create a list of all the things you have to do. But as you start to cross things off your list, there will be this glorious feeling of relief.

I suggest making two, one that is specifically related to your daily tasks and then one that is

4. Fun Pens

Having fun pens really isn’t a necessity but making specific subcategories different colors is excellent for visual learning.

Having an assortment of school supplies is very useful for organizing notes. Stick notes and highlighters are the basics. But I like having pens of the rainbow.

5. Groceries

Do groceries before you start studying! Having nothing to eat when you have been working for 2 plus hours is the worst type of pain. Grab snacks and brain food to eat for exam week.

Stress eating ice cream and chocolate will do nothing for you or your skin. Smoothies are a quick snack as well as Honeycrisp apples and almond butter. Yum!

5. Study Group

I need someone to keep my head in the game so that I don’t let my brain wander. It’s better to study with people who don’t distract you. You can find university exam study groups on Facebook, and sometimes professors hold study groups which I recommend you go to. Make sure to have water and everything you need, don’t be distracted.

6. Flashcards

Flashcards are a great study tool, online or make your own. I recommend making your own as it reinforces the topics into your brain and is physical.

Make them after each class or two weeks before your exam. This shouldn’t be your main studying, making flashcards.

7. Go outside

Wandering into the outdoors is a way to get new oxygen flowing to your brain. And sunlight just so happens to be good for you. Walk your dog if you have one and soak in the sunlight and give your brain a break.

See Also

Being cooped away in a dark room with no light and limited oxygen is shockingly bad for you. Even though it is exam season, my main study tip for college is to take care of yourself. Having a mental break down at twenty is not fun.

8. Rewrite notes

Rewriting your notes is a great way to reinforce muscle memory. It also refreshes topics that you went over at the beginning of the ear. I also suggest that you do the readings again and even take notes on the texts if you didn’t already.

Do this two weeks before exams so that there is no pressure to actually do the readings. If you are like me, that means that you tend to leave them until the last minute.

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9. Finish Homework

Finishing all your homework before you start your mega-study cram sesh is ideal. Getting back from class and feeling motivated to do anything is hard. But getting trapped into slumming after class is terrible.

It makes you procrastinate which makes it hard to study. My one essential study tip for college is get everything else done. All the small assignments and demanding emails. Get them out of the way.

10. Practice tests

Doing the practice test online for any given topic is a great way to quiz yourself. You can make one in your study group or find one online.

It is hard to find ones online that won’t have other information that you may have not learned, but it is a great tool.

These study tips for college are a great way to crush that exam that you have been stressing about. What are your genius tips for acing that test?
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