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10 Student Instagrammers You Need To Follow From UofT

10 Student Instagrammers You Need To Follow From UofT

The University of Toronto has its own social media community, and with that here are 10 UofT student Instagrammers you should follow.

No social media app takes the saying, “A picture is worth 1000 words,” more literately than Instagram. Since its launch, the application has allowed its users to filter their everyday activities and produce a narrative illustration of their lives. Furthermore, its function permits followers to experience the world through various perspectives. Looking through the optical lens of another person fosters a new definition of interconnection and interdependence within the online world. The University of Toronto has its own social media community and within it, there are certain student Instagram accounts that stand out. The array of photographs displayed by these users attracts an audience through the use of humor, empathetic story telling, avant-garde facades, etc. With that said, here are 10 UofT Student Instagrammers you should follow.


1. @exploreuoft

This page collects entries from students attending school in the downtown core at the St. George campus. Featuring various locations on and near the campus, the goal of @exploreuoft is to celebrate the beauty of the campus. Consequently, the aesthetically pleasing images help to distress students and encourage them to complete their demanding schoolwork. Anybody can tag a photo using #ExploreUofT to be featured on the page.




This student Instagramer often chooses to publish themed photomontages. In doing so, she narrates her life using short stories, which include battling the fidget Toronto winter and the celebration of the beginning of spring with the blooming of cherry blossoms. Moreover, her use of pastel colours and lighting illustrates tranquility and peacefulness of the university campus and Toronto city life.



3. @rabbit_hearts

This next Instagramer captures some of the city’s most interesting popular culture and art scenes. Her photos, expertly edited with vibrant light and saturated colours, are able to manifest the noise and enthusiasm of the downtown streets in daylight and the livelihood and adventures of nightlife. Considering the photos take place primarily outside of the campus grounds, followers will be able to feel the energy of Toronto and the opportunities for its exploration.



 4. @uoftdrizzy

Drake is known for his love of Toronto and his presence alone is recognized as one of the city’s popular culture. Therefore, his “enrolment” at UofT creates a humorous storyboard. @uoftdrizzy narrates the story of UTSC (University of Toronto Scarborough) student Drake, who, like the general student body, is struggling to fulfill academic demands and enjoying his free time completing extra curricular activities while in the presence of his friends. Drake’s journey can definitely remind students that greatest can arise anywhere, even if you are starting from the bottom.




Publishing a variety of photographs using birds-eye-view perspective lensing, this next Instagramer organizes her page like a magazine editorial spread. The primary focus of her work is food, which intrigues the taste buds of any spectator by presenting colourful delicate treats against blanche backdrops.



6. @ohsnapitsjon

When asked if he used a particular theme for his account, this next Instagramer simply replied with “nupee”. However, when observing his photographs collectively, a personal story is told. Moreover, @ohsnapitsjon is the only Instagramer on the list that does not shy away from appearing as the primary subjects of many photographs. In doing so, followers experience the rhythm of his life as he explores popular Toronto views and discovers the best food the city has to offer.




7. @hvmzxx

This UofT student organizes his Instagram page as a passion project for the city of Toronto. The craftsmanship of his photographs and designing techniques elevate his work to an artistic level and make it appear as if the collection originates from an Art Gallery display.

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8. @uoftstyle

For any fashion enthusiast, @uoftstyle uploads inspirational outfits daily, from UofT students. This page is a great source for keeping up with the latest university trends and receiving some last minute fashion inspiration while putting together your campus look of the day. Students can also get a chance to be featured by using #uoftstyle.



9.  @ysabellestories

Returning to student run pages, this next Instagramer is perhaps the most down to earth. Using a combination of off-whites and earthy tones, @ysabellestories eliminates the extravagances of her surroundings and simply portrays her daily activities. Campus grounds, food, and downtime with friends are overarching themes in her photographs. Moreover, her sweet and simple photos make her account the most relatable to UofT students.


10. @bryanlimy

Finally, this Instagramer’s photos seriously need to have #madeditingskills and #photoshopgoals in their description box. The techniques used by @bryanlimy to enhance his images formulate a sense of surrealism of both the city of Toronto and the foreign destinations they portray. Furthermore, the artist uses Photoshop to redesign communal environments and create an alternative reality that is hidden within his imagination.



Know any other cool UofT student Instagrammers? Let us know in the comments below!
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