10 Student Instagrammers From University of Western Ontario You Need To Follow

Student instagrammers from University of Western Ontario that you need to follow right away! They have the most interesting and amazing photos to check out!

Let’s be honest, Instagram is the number one way we all procrastinate these days. During exam season, this can be a bit of an issue. So, instead of scrolling through your explore feed for hours to find the next account you consider worthy of a follow, let me help you out. Here are 10 student Instagrammers from University of Western Ontario that should definitely be following.

1. @salzheng

If you’re looking for style inspo, quality pics and some bad and boujee in your life, then Sal’s your gal.


2. @slydewithyou

Cute boy, sick photos, and a soundcloud. Need I say more?

3. @ittybittyniggy

This girl is honestly queen. She’s a bad-ass bitch with a heart of gold. She even posted a fact about black history for the entire month of February with each Insta she posted! Definitely one to watch.


4. @_suz.b

Her pictures are honestly just lit. Suzie gives you a mix of everything, and she’s stunning. So I mean why not follow?


5. @alexxandradonovan

No you didn’t just stumble onto a Victoria’s Secret model, Alexandra is in fact a Western student. Being in a sorority, her account gives a great look into the University lifestyle, showcasing the fun stuff she does!

6. @jackstyll

Drake is that you?? Nope just Jack. You’ll feel 10x cooler just following him tbh.


7. @milesfreedom

Aesthetic so on point though!!!!


8. @yaothelostboy

35MM photos, bit of this bit of that, and he started his own clothing company (@forreasonsunknwn) so I mean that’s pretty damn rad.


9. @carinaschiappa

We have some pretty talented students at Western, Carina started her own swimwear line too (@schiappaswim)! Plus, who doesn’t love people who post vaca pics that help remind you there’s something beyond the rainy/snowy London weather.


10. @tylergowan

Black and white all day, erryday. It’s a yes from me for Tyler’s account. (Plus him and his boo are adorable!!)

Are there any more student instagrammers from University of Western Ontario that should be on this list? Share in the comments below!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Featured Image Source: @_suz.b
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