35 Student Discounts Every Student Should Know About

No one can deny that being a university student has its perks. Especially if you take the time to recognize all the amazing stores, services, and companies (such as the ones listed below) that offer amazing student discounts, prices, and deals! If you are a broke university student, or just looking to save money whenever you can, definitely keep reading for 35 student discounts every student should know about!

Retail Student Discounts

1. J. Crew

15% off

J. Crew offers a generous 15% off student discount. Just be sure to show your student ID at the checkout counter!

2. Club Monaco

20% off Student Discount

Club Monaco requires a valid, post- secondary student ID for its discount. With this you are able to receive a whopping 20% off all originally-priced and sale-priced items!

3. Ann Taylor

15% off

Need a new business suit for your internship interview? Ann Taylor is the perfect place to look for one. Just use your student ID for an extra 15% off your purchase!

4. Banana Republic

15% off

Nothing beats a Banana Republic student discount! Just make sure the item isn’t on sale and you are using it for an in-store purchase only.


5. H&M

15% off

You MUST present a valid school ID, but all in-store purchases can receive a 15% off discount!

6. Kate Spade

15% off Student Discount

Like most retailers, you will need to use your student discount in-store only. But 15% off a nice, new, laptop bag is a serious deal if you ask me!

7. Roots

20% off of regular priced items and 10% off of sale items

Students are able to show their student ID and receive 20% off any regularly-priced sales item. Their extra student discount allows students to present their ID for 10% off any sales-priced items.

8. Levi’s

15% Off

If you purchase anything from Levi’s in-store and present your student ID, you will receive a 15% off student discount! You can register to also receive 15% off any online shopping.

9. Urban Outfitters

10% Off

You can grab 10% off your Urban Outfitters purchases if you make sure you sign up for their student discount program.

Food & Grocery Student Discounts

10. Metro

10% off on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Get 10% off on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Metro by showing your student ID at the checkout.

11. Zehrs Markets

10% off on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Receive 10% off on Tuesdays and Thursdays with your student ID!

12. Burger King

10% off

Who doesn’t love a whopper? Make sure you show your student ID to get 10% off!

13. Subway

10% off

Like Burger King, students can also get an additional 10% off their meals at Subway. Just need to show a valid ID!

14. Bulk Barn

10% off on Wednesdays

Nothing says a university student’s diet quit like bulk food. If you are looking to stock up on some dorm snacks from Canada’s largest bulk food retailer, go on Wednesdays for an extra 10% off!

15. Dairy Queen

10% off

Treat yourself and take a study break to stop by Dairy Queens for 10% off your next ice cream!

16. Sweet Temptations Cupcakery

10% off on Tuesdays

Tired of using your student discount for ice cream from Dairy Queen? Try Sweet Temptations Cupcakery and receive 10% off your dessert if you stop by on Tuesdays!

17. Chipotle

Free soft drink

Make sure when you visit Chipotle you show your student ID so you can get a free soft drink with your food purchase!

18. Hard Rock Cafe

10% off student discount

If you are a student with valid ISIC you can get 10% your meal at any Hard Rock Cafe, worldwide!

19. Buffalo Wild Wings

10% off

Just like Hard Rock, you can also grab 10% off as a student discount at Buffalo Wild Wings!

Pro Tip: Remember to ask the server if the discount is available for that specific location!

Technology Student Discounts

20. Apple

Save up to $200 on a Mac and up to $20 on an iPad. Students also get a free pair of wireless Beats headphones when they purchase any eligible computer.

21. Lenovo

Students can receive amazing student discounts with Lenovo!

22. Spotify

$4.99 per month

Did you know that if you are a student you are eligible to afford Spotify’s monthly fees for only $4.99 a month?

23. Adobe

Discounts on software, 60% off on creative cloud

Are you a student in university looking for some discounts on computer software? Look no further. Adobe has a student discount on software, and you can also receive an amazing 60% off discount for Creative Cloud!

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Transportation & Travel Student Discounts

24. Go Transit Presto Card

17% off student fares

Go-Transit (or your school) and you can get a re-loadable PRESTO card for student fares. This will save you at least 17% off all transport trips.

25. State Farm Car Insurance

Available to post secondary school students, State Farm has an affordable car insurance package just for college students!

26. ZipCar

Sign in with your university email to see if your university is affiliated with ZipCar. (Most are.) Sign up rates are only $20 for students’ memberships.

Tickets & Admission Student Discounts

27. Cineplex

Students pay $8 to see a movie on Thursdays!

28. Ontario Science Center

Students with a valid ID to show can pay for entry with only $16 admission.

29. National Ballet of Canada

Students can sign up for the Free Youth Pricing Program. This enables students (aged 16-29) extremely discounted tickets for day-of performances.

Other Student Discounts

30. Goodwill

10% off

Head to Goodwill for discounted consignment items and receive an extra 10% off your already-low priced items!

31. Shopper’s Drug Mart

20% off of regular priced items on Thursdays

Head to the pharmacy on Thursdays- you will get 20% off your purchase of regular priced items!

32. BMO Bank of Montreal

Students can open an account and receive free banking and a free SPC card.

33. FedEx

If you are a student looking to ship an item, definitely use your student ID to your advantage and receive 20-30% off when shipping!

34. General Motors

Thinking of buying your own car now that you’re a university student? You might want to consider either a Chevy, Buick, Cadillac, or GMC for a special student discount.

35. PC Financial

Sign up for an account at PC Financial for a no-fee bank account with daily free banking!

What are your favorite student discounts we should add to this list? Comment below and share the article!
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