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10 Strange Beauty Regiments That Actually Work

10 Strange Beauty Regiments That Actually Work

Skin care products can be super pricey and contain a bunch of chemicals that are terrible for your skin. Here are 10 simple and natural beauty regiments to try!

Beauty and skin care products can add up and really break the bank. A lot of them contain chemicals that are actually damaging to your skin. Instead, you can use things you have around the house or that are affordable to purchase and create simple, natural beauty regiments. Here are 10 strange beauty regiments that actually work!

Classic Egg/Olive Oil hair growth mask

To create and use the mask is easy, all you need is an egg and two teaspoons of olive oil. My hair is thick and curly, so sometimes I need to make more of the mask. Save whatever you don’t use in the fridge for later! I make the mask and apply it to my hair, especially my scalp. Although I mix it well, I make sure to apply more of the egg to my scalp, so that it can concentrate on the growth. After massaging and applying, you tie up the hair and let it sit on your head for about 25-45 minutes. Wash thoroughly and you’re all done!


Peppermint/Castor Oil for hair growth

Castor Oil is something I always use for my hair. It not only helps hair grow, but it keeps it healthy and strong, naturally. I add a few drops to my shampoo and also I massage into my scalp before I sleep and wash it out in the morning. Castor Oil works best massaging directly into the scalp. Also, peppermint oil works great for hair growth as well, I use both oils, around once a month or once every few weeks.

Garlic clove on small zits

This is something I’ve tried once and it works. This works well on that stubborn pimple (instead of poking at it or trying to get rid of it manually- don’t give your self acne scars). Cut one piece of garlic in half and rub it directly onto your pimple and let it stay over night. In the morning, wash your face as usual and you’ll notice how your pimple is gone!


Melted Coconut oil for your hair

Usually I do this after the Egg/Olive oil mask treatment. I melt a few scoops of coconut oil into a bowl, and pour it over my damp hair after washing it from the treatment. Then I wrap it and leave a shower cap on, so that I can have it overnight and not get it on my pillowcase. In the morning, wash your hair as usual and notice how soft and shiny your hair is.

Fresh Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is great natural remedy for the skin. It is included in many moisturizers and creams, especially for red skin from sun burns. But aloe vera is also great for acne. Same step as the garlic clove, rubbing it on the skin directly can help take care of your acne.

Lemon on the hair for brightening/refreshing your hair

A friend and I would add lemon into our dark brown, curly hairs and would sit in the sun as the lemon juice would be soaked into our hair, brightening the colour. This is a natural alternative to colouring your hair, especially if you are only changing the shade a little. If you are keeping the same colour as your current hair colour, and would like to make it lighter, I would recommend doing this natural alternative, compared to chemicals that burn your scalp and damage your hair.


Lime for natural deodorant

This is also taken from Farah! I would definitely recommend this natural alternative to chemicals that you have to consistently re-purchase.

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Fresh Face mask for broken skin/bug bites

This is my favourite point on this list. Last summer, I purchased a face mask from Lush, called Oatifix. It’s ingredients include fresh banana, oats, and honey, while smelling like vanilla. Oats, banana, and honey are all natural products that are great for helping to soothe and clear irritated skin. Buy some, or simply make your own!

Toothpaste on acne

Everyone struggles with acne-I know I do. I try my best to be gentle with my face especially with my broken skin and acne. Apply a pea sized amount of toothpaste on any stubborn pimple or acne on the face or body. I would recommend applying for ten minutes then gently washing!


Witch Hazel Oil (for your face)

I usually thread my eyebrows and I always get terrible acne and blotchy redness right after. The person who did my eyebrows for me, recommended I use witch hazel oil for my skin type (combination of oily and dry) and to help prevent acne. It works great!

Do you have any other natural and easy beauty regiments that you use? Share in the comments below!

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