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10 Stages of BFF Withdrawal

10 Stages of BFF Withdrawal

The transition into university is hard enough on its own, and what makes it even more difficult is being apart from the people you’ve spent the majority of your life with. It can be tough not having your best friends around with you, especially if you were used to be around each other 24/7. Many people tend to go through the following stages of BFF withdrawal, so you are not alone.

1. Feeling Lonely

At first it will be hard. Getting used to new surroundings and new people can make you feel alone. Taking on a new adventure without a best friend to share it with may be one of the hardest transitions you go through.

2. The Constant Need To Text Them Everything That Happens

If you can’t tell your best friend everything, you will definitely be feeling the urge to text them about just about anything that happens.



3. Trying To Use The Same Sense Of Humor With New People

Every pair of BFFs share certain inside jokes and a similar sense of humor so it can be tough when nobody laughs at your jokes like your bestie did.


4. The Exhaustion Of Not Being Your Weird Self

Only your best friends know your true self and it gets tiring when you don’t feel comfortable being yourself around the new people you are trying to be friends with.

5. Being Bored Without Them

As much as the new experience of university is fun and exciting, nothing can compare to the crazy time you have with your best friends.


6. Not Having People To Take Insta Pics With

Your Instagram is probably filled with pictures of you and your best friends and now who are you supposed to take your best selfies with?



7. The Breakdown Of Missing Them

Let’s face it. Eventually you are going to cry about it… really hard.


8. Getting Jealous Of Their New Friends

You may get slightly jealous of them making new friends, but don’t worry, you will too!

9. You start telling your new friends way too many stories about them.

You find yourself constantly talking about and telling too many stories about your best friends, all in your attempt to make new ones.


10. The Countdown Until The Reunion

You have started marking in the dates on your calendar until you and the squad get to see each other again.

If you experience any or all of these, you are not the only one. But it is important to remember you and your best friend are just making new memories and that a strong friendship can survive any distance.

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