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10 St. Patrick’s Day Drinks The Whole Party Will Love

10 St. Patrick’s Day Drinks The Whole Party Will Love

10 St. Patrick's Day Drinks The Whole Party Will Love

St. Patrick’s Day calls for parties and St. Patrick’s Day parties call for the best St. Patrick’s Day drinks ever! Whether you are throwing a small get together or a grand occasion, serving the best beverages is crucial in ensuring overall hype and fun especially on the greenest day of the year. Check out this amazing list of succulent St. Paddy’s themed drinks that will surely be a big hit amongst your guests! From Irish whiskey cocktails to guinness milkshakes, we have both the classics and non-classics!

1. Green Beer with a twist

The drink that ultimately defines St. Patrick’s Day is green beer. Therefore, you can never go wrong with serving it at your party! It may be a bit basic for some but there are always methods to add a twist to this classic drink without adding food colour. Check out this awesome recipe by Tossware!


2. The Massey Cocktail

If you desire for elevated St. Patrick’s Day drinks, then consider investing in time and money to make this! Created by Portland bartended Jacob Grier, The Massey Cocktail is the perfect beverage for legitimate indulgers of fine drinks. It consists of Irish whiskey, gin, vermouth, Chartreuse and Campari. For the full procedure, visit The Spruce Eats.

3. Pot of Gold

Like the The Massey Cocktail, this is another elegant drink that you can serve at your St. Patrick’s Day party! Comprising of multiple ingredients including vodka, ginger beer, and elderflower liquer, the Pot of Gold acts as a gentle drink at first but also leaves drinkers a little surprise. For instructions on how to create this “golden” drink, visit The Spruce Eats.

4. Leprechaun

One of St. Patrick’s Day drinks that easily fulfills every party host’s need because it is delectable and easy to make! Grab your favourite Irish whiskey and tonic water and you’ve got yourself a sophisticated yet simple drink that even goes well with Irish foods. Head over to The Spruce Eats for the full recipe!


5. Shamrock Sour

If you and some of your guests are fans of citrus-y cocktail drinks then you may consider making the Shamrock Sour by Pizzazzerie! Pick your favourite Irish whiskey and blend it with both lime juice and lemon juice. You may also substitute the Irish whiskey for amaretto liquor if you prefer amaretto sours.

6. Irish Flag Shot

You can’t have a decent party without shots! Simple and aesthetically pleasing, this Irish flag layered shot by Genius Kitchen will surely maintain the party hype. It only contains three simple ingredients – brandy, Irish cream, and green creme de menthe.


7. Irish Cola

This is a great drink to serve early while your guests are busy feasting on munchies. This recipe by Mix That Drink is a cross between cola and milkshake in terms of flavour and texture. As it is mostly a sweet drink, make sure you’ve got savoury foods prepared for your guests.

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8. Guinness Milkshake

A sibling drink of the Irish Cola, the Guinness Milkshake is also a solid crowd pleaser. People who dislike the taste of the Irish beer may appreciate it better by mixing it with vanilla or chocolate ice cream. You will be surprised on how well the nutty and bitter taste of the beer complement the sweetness of the ice cream! For instructions, check Coffee and Quinoa.


9. Matcha Honey Spritzer

Finally, a drink with a wine base and not beer or Irish whiskey! This green drink by Good House Keeping is not only suitable at St. Patrick’s Day parties but also for any summer occasion. It contains sauvignon blanc, matcha, honey, and ginger ale.

10. Vanilla Avocado Smoothie

Toning down the alcohol but still upholding the St. Patrick’s Day theme, why not prepare smoothies particularly this recipe by Savouring Simple? It’s a party-appropriate milkshake minus the beer or whiskey and is also very healthy! It is perfect for a day time St. Paddy’s event!


Which one of these special St. Patrick’s Day drinks would you try? Tell us below!

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