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8 St. Patrick’s Day Drinks That May Make You Feel Lucky

8 St. Patrick’s Day Drinks That May Make You Feel Lucky

St. Patrick's Day is coming up and let's face it, alcohol is a huge part of this holiday. Here are some green drink ideas to try this St. Patrick's Day.

St. Patrick’s Day is all about feeling lucky, and I think we all know that this is how we feel when we get a little bit drunk. Whether feeling “lucky” to you means finding a crisp $50 bill on the ground or making out with a really hot guy, here are 10 alcoholic drink ideas to test your luck on this St. Patrick’s Day:

1. Green Apple Sour Puss

I cannot promise that apple flavoured Sour Puss is going to taste amazing, but it is really suitable for this holiday, considering St. Patrick’s Day is all about being green . Sour Puss is always a good idea because being 15% alcohol, it gets you somewhat drunk while tasting like a strange glass of juice or candy. Overall, if you are going for the whole “green drink in a clear cup” vibe, this is your go-to.

2. Citrus Zoom Cocktail

You can make this cocktail green for St. Patrick’s Day by using green sour puss. To make this cocktail you will need sour puss, vodka, lemonade, and club soda. Normally, this cocktail is made with orange juice, but I guess we can skip that step in the spirit of St. Patrick, right?


3. Gummy Bear Vodka

The best party snack. Soak gummy bears in a bowl of Vodka over night, and you’ll be ready to party. To make this more fun and St. Patrick’s Day themed, use only green gummy bears.

8 St. Patrick's Day Drinks That Will Make You Feel Lucky

4. Jolly Rancher Vodka

Copying the gummy bear trend, soaking green jolly ranchers in a bowl of vodka is another St. Patrick’s Day party idea. However, make sure you like green apple because, like the sour puss, it may taste a little funky (but then again doesn’t all alcohol?)


5. Green Jell-o Shots

You literally cannot go wrong by making jell-o shots at a St. Patrick’s Day party. With some shot glasses, vodka, and green jell-o, you’ve got a party pleaser.

8 St. Patrick's Day Drinks That Will Make You Feel Lucky

6. Grasshopper

This cocktail is an absolute gem when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day. This is because it is green, but it also tastes as though you are drinking a shamrock shake … and it doesn’t get more in spirit than that. To make this drink, you will need: white creme de cacao, green creme de menthe, and heavy cream. Disclaimer: don’t try this one if you don’t like chocolate.


7. Green Vodka Soda

Vodka sodas are always a great party drink choice, and to make it fun, make it green! All you need for this drink is club soda and vodka (the amount depends on how drunk you are planning on getting – I just eyeball it). Add ice, lemon, and a green substance into your cup.

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8 St. Patrick's Day Drinks That Will Make You Feel Lucky


8. Leprechaun

I mean, how can you pass up a mixed drink called the “leprechaun” on a holiday like St. Patrick’s Day? All you need for this gem is a bottle of whisky and a bottle of tonic. This will have you feeling real lucky.

Some green liquors you can mix with just about anything:

For anyone who is like me and just wants some green ideas they can throw in their bottle of vodka and call it a night:

  • Absinthe: or “the green fairy”
  • Green Chartreuse
  • Green Creme de Menthe
  • Sour Apple Schnapps

However you may be spending St. Patrick’s Day and whatever you choose to drink, remember to have fun and be safe! Don’t drink too much though, or else you may be in need of some real luck.


Planning on getting lucky this St. Patrick’s Day? Let us know what you will be drinking down in the comments!

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