10 St. Patrick’s Day Desserts Your Guests Will Love

So, the St. Patrick’s Day meal is over and you’re finally about to get rid of your guests before, spontaneously, Jimmy asks, “hey, where’s the dessert?” This is the moment you were dreading, not because you never actually wanted to invite Jimmy, but because you knew that you never actually planned for a dessert. Well, thankfully that was last year. This year, by referring to this enchanting list of St. Patrick’s Day desserts, you’ll be more than ready! (With or without Jim.)

1. Eggnog

I know what you’re thinking and the answer is “no”, eggnog is not solely for Christmas. In short, eggnog is liquid dessert, and who wouldn’t that? The main difference, of course, is that this version is spiked with Guinness, freshly whipped Irish cream, and some oh-so-fancy chocolate shavings.

2. Sugar Cookies With Clovers

Regarding St. Patrick’s Day desserts, this recipe is about as tame as you can get, preferably for the most complicated of guests (looking at you Jimmy).

3. Irish Coffee

Again, this is one of those St. Patrick’s Day desserts that you will discover in liquid form and, you know, to go alongside those aforementioned lame, I mean tame, cookies. It will be Jameson whiskey-spiked, obviously. Oh, and plenty of whipped cream as well.

4. Chewy Irish Coffee Blondies

Everything you love about the Irish…coffee in one heavenly scrumptious treat. This is one of those St. Patrick’s Day desserts that you’ll enjoy over a nice gossip session. One vital aspect though, don’t forget to add Jameson whiskey to the sugar glaze for fonder memories.

5. Key Lime Doughnuts With Cream Cheese Frosting

Out of all the St. Patrick’s Day desserts on this list, this is the one in which I’m most excited. If you’re a fan of both key lime pie and doughnuts then oh boy do I have THE recipe for you. If not, then just skip right on ahead, don’t kill my mood.

6. Chocolate-Stout Cupcakes

Who needs the luck of the Irish when you have these majestic beauties by your side?! The reason being, these aren’t your simple everyday cupcakes. Nope, not at all; they are filled with world-famous Guinness beer and topped with itty bitty edible shamrocks. If nothing else, at least you can have a photo session with them.

7. Irish Cream Bundt Cake

You’re probably wondering two things; “what’s with all the Irish cream and, more importantly, what the hell is a bundt cake?” Honestly, I don’t even know, it just appears delicious. That said, in a nice little change of pace, this is one of few St. Patrick’s Day desserts that ask for Irish cream liquor rather than whiskey or stout (last I heard, Jimmy enjoys none of the above).

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8. Whiskey Dark Chocolate Truffles

And we’re back at it with the whiskey for one of the more prestigious St. Patrick’s Day desserts on my list, truffles! Needless to say, this is quite a simple treat to create for your guests, needing nothing more than five simple ingredients. Said ingredients are dark chocolate, heavy cream, butter, whiskey and read the recipe, alright?

9. Mint Oreo M&M’s Brookies

I know, the name can’t get any more generic (cookies plus brownies, get it? No? Okay), but that’s beside the point. The point is that this is one of few St. Patrick’s Day desserts that actually make me want to jump into the kitchen and potentially set my house ablaze. The layered cookie brownies implemented with M&M’s and mint Oreo pieces are totally worth it, I think.

10. Grasshopper Brownie Bites

Silly name aside, these delectable brownie bites will have your rowdy guests begging for more. Better still, these brownies are remarkably effortless to make and are prepared with ‘crème de menthe’ (good luck having your guests pronounce that) frosting and a simplistic chocolate glaze.

And there you have it laddies, ten St. Patrick’s Day desserts that even the littlest of Jimmys can appreciate. Having said that, are there any St. Patrick’s Day desserts that you would love to recommend?

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