10 St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes You Need To Bake

These 10 St. Patty’s Day desserts are the perfect ending to a Patty’s Day feast! Some are green, some have alcohol, but all are guaranteed to please!

1. Dark Chocolate Mint Cupcakes with White Chocolate Frosting

A classic dark chocolate cupcake, with a little hint of mint, will bowl any guest over for a St. Patty’s day celebration. With white chocolate frosting, you could even add a little more mint to make it more matchy! Colouring the frosting will give you that perfect green St. Patty’s day look; these cupcakes will definitely be showstoppers!

2. Green Velvet Cupcakes

Dare I say more? Imagine red velvet cupcakes but swap out that red food colouring for green and you are absolutely golden. Top it up with cream cheese icing – always a winner – and you have a crowd pleasing dessert on your hands. Make them extra cute by adding some St. Patty’s day themed sprinkles; anything green will do!

3. Chocolate Stout Cupcakes

Shouldn’t a day that is so often devoted to drinking be represented by a boozy cupcake? I think yes. Chocolate stout cupcakes, aka chocolate cupcakes with dark beer in the batter, will do the St. Patty’s day trick. These cupcakes have a strong flavour, and with rich chocolate icing, these desserts are a little bit cooler without being too in-your-face St. Patty’s.

4. Rainbow Pot of Gold Cupcakes

Alright. Y’all wanted your Instagramable cupcakes, these are the ones. Make some chocolate cupcakes, top em with icing all the colours of the rainbow and add a gold coin candy – you are good to go! These cupcakes would make any leprechaun happy, and are sure to put a smile on any of your guests’ faces.

5. Matty Matheson’s Mega Cake

Google it. This extravagant cake, straight from Matty Matheson, the food god himself, is not only the ultimate snack but the ultimate St. Patty’s day dessert. Full of lucky charms cereal and rainbow icing, this cake may take a while, but is 100% worth it.

6. Mint Oreo Cupcakes

Oh yes. These cupcakes seriously have it all. A chocolaty cake, topped with green, minty Oreo icing, and finished off with a mint Oreo – this is the cupcake to please anyone.  Green icing and the green Oreo will bring anyone good luck for their St. Patty’s day!

7. Vanilla Pistachio Cupcakes

Oh boy. These cupcakes might be a little more expensive, as pistachios are kind of a bougie item, but this pistachio flavour is totally worth it. The naturally green colour, topped with any white icing and a few chopped up pistachios nuts, is the thing for any ST. Patty’s Day celebration, especially if its a little bit more upscale!

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8. Irish Coffee Cupcakes

Another alcoholic cupcake for all you drinkers out there. These cupcakes with coffee and booze in the batter, topped with a creamy vanilla icing, are the best after dinner treat for any day – even after March the 17th! Enjoy one of these with an Irish coffee for double Irish coffee goodness.

9. Green Tea Cupcakes

Obviously. Green tea cupcakes – they’ve got that matcha flavour you know and love, with the perfect green hue for your St. Patty’s day festival of fun. These cupcakes are tasty with any icing – if you want a traditional and unique flavour profile, go with a red bean icing, but otherwise, any good vanilla icing will totally do!

10. Sticky Toffee Pudding

One of the most classic British and Irish dishes you can get, sticky toffee pudding is THE dessert to serve at any St. Patty’s Day function. Sweet, rich and buttery warm toffee with a moist cake is the best way to end any night – especially the 17th of March!

Which of these sweet treats will you bake on St. Patty’s Day? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image:
Hannah Murray

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