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10 St. Patrick’s Day Activities You Can Try At Your Party

10 St. Patrick’s Day Activities You Can Try At Your Party

10 St. Patrick's Day Activities You Can Try At Your Party

St. Patty’s Day is right around the corner, and you know what that means – PARTYING (and St. Patrick’s day activities)! Come on and get your green on – you don’t want to get pinched! For those of you hosting a Patty Party, do not fear – these 10 St. Patrick’s Day activities for your celebration will have everyone tickled, well, green!

1. Start The Day With An Irish Coffee

What a way to start the day! If you’re doing a St. Patrick’s Day brunch, having a tea and coffee service at an evening party, or even just want something to kickstart your morning, an Irish coffee is the way to go! Brew yourself a cup of hot coffee, add in Irish whiskey or Bailey’s, a bit of sugar, and top it up with cream.

2. Chef Up Some Irish Soda Bread

A classic of the St. Patrick day activities, that can be served at any time of day with your choice of accoutrements. Quite a simple recipe, that uses baking soda instead of bread as the active ingredient, this is one of the easiest Patrick’s day activities that will definitely impress


3. Make Green Beer

Want to have some tacky St. Patrick day activities, but also have a lot of fun? Green beer is there for you! Simply stock up on beer (the paler the better) and green food colouring, and you are good to go! Drop a couple drops of food colouring into the bottom of a beer glass, and pour your beer in. Voila! Green beer.

4. Serve Anything With Potatoes

Any way you can make ’em! Mashed, boiled, roasted, fried, you name it, potatoes are what it’s all about. Make a big ol’ tray of potatoes (if you’re going with fries, serve them with mayonnaise – very Irish!) for the perfect party snack.

5. Potato! Stamp! Prints!

What to do with the extra potatoes that you won’t cook, you ask? Potato stamp prints! This is a super crafty St. Patrick’s Day activity. These work best with russet potatoes, but any large potato will do. Cut a few potatoes in half, and draw a design on the exposed area. Cut around the design so that the image is raised. Wipe off the potatoes from any excess moisture, then dip them in paint (not too much, otherwise they’ll slip), and start stamping! Ta-da!


6. Offer Up Some Shamrock Shakes

Ah yes, the McDonald’s cult classic. A mint milkshake only served in March, wow your friends by having a batch at your party! Make some vanilla milkshakes, add in mint extract and green food colouring, and there you have it! The secret McDonald’s recipe!

7. Lucky Charms Cereal Treats

Who doesn’t like Rice Krispie treats? Exactly. Swap out the Rice Krispies for Lucky Charms, and you’ll have a party treat that is so festive and so cute! Pretty inexpensive and easy to make, these desserts are sure to be a hit!

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8. Decorate With A Rainbow And Pot Of Gold

There’s always gold at the end of the rainbow! Decorate the party area with rainbow coloured streamers, paper chains, balloons, poster board, or whatever else you can come up with! Add a cloud (materials of your choosing!) at one end of the rainbow, and place a pot full of gold chocolate coins at the the other. A whimsical St. Patrick’s day activity!

9. Give Out Good Luck Tokens

Hopefully these St. Patrick’s day activities idea will give your guests a chuckle! The tokens could be anything really, but here’s one idea: get clear, plastic coin cases, insert a green or gold back round, then fill them with glitter, sequins and shamrocks! Have a little bowl of them so your guests can take them when they head out on their merry way.

10. Hats!

What St. Patrick’s day celebration is complete without hats? Get a bunch for really cheap at any dollar store, or make your own from paper! Put out a bunch of paper, tape, scissors and markers, so anyone who’s feeling underdressed can make one too! One of the cutest St. Patrick’s day activities.


Will you do any of these St. Patty’s Day activities? Tell us which ones in the comments below!

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