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10 Springtime Pastas To Make That Everyone Will Love

10 Springtime Pastas To Make That Everyone Will Love

Springtime pastas are some of the most delicious. With the beginning of spring, comes some of the most delicate flavours of the harvest. Combining in-season produce with pasta, a favourite for everyone, will always give you a winning dish. A lovely, light and delicate pasta is just the meal to get you into the spring time mood!

1. Pasta al Limone

Creamy and divine, pasta al limone shows off one of spring’s best flavours – lemon! This simple pasta sauce, only made with a few ingredients, is decadent while still keeping a light flavour. Served with plenty of pepper, this easy pasta dish is your new pantry-cleaner favourite!


2. Carbonara With Mint And Peas

I know, I know – carbonara is an Italian classic that should not be tempered with. Right? Wrong! Although this dish might make many Italians roll in their graves, the addition of peas and mint into your pasta carbonara, adds such a lovely fresh spring time touch that you really have to try!

3. Pappardelle With Arugula And Prosciutto

Prosciutto and arugula are two of pastas best friends. Cook up your prosciutto to get it crispy, with fresh arugula added at the end to keep it perfectly soft.

4. Mushroom Lasagna

Lasagna is a crowd pleasing dish, and this lasagna is no different (unless you don’t like mushrooms in which case…ugh)! With a variety of different mushrooms and layers of cheese, this dish is hearty and filling, while still being a spring dish!


5. Blistered Cherry Tomato Pasta With Ricotta And Mint

All three of these ingredients simply scream SPRING! Blistered cherry tomatoes  add a beautiful roasted pop of flavour, while the mint completely freshens the dish. Serve this pasta with ricotta on top to add just the right amount of creaminess, and you’ve got a perfectly balanced spring time pasta dish!

6. Lemon Butter With Artichoke And Capers

Artichokes are some of the best produce of spring, and this pasta captures their essence! Make some pasta and add your artichokes for the meatiness of this dish, and with the capers and lemons, the mix of salty and sour compliments the artichoke so well! Spring time meals are all about show casing the best of spring veggies and fruits – and this pasta definitely does so!


7. Crab And Asparagus Pasta

Asparagus – you might hate it, you might love it, or maybe you’re one of those people that only likes the tops or the bottoms. Whichever one of those people you are, it doesn’t matter, this pasta dish is for sure for you! With crab in the pasta to give the pasta some oomph (along with a delectable salty and creamy taste), crab and asparagus will be your new favourite comb, and not just for pasta!

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8. Goat Cheese With Chives, Peas And Asparagus

Another dish that shows off all the veggies of spring, this pasta adds in goat cheese for a rich yet fresh pasta! With chives, peas and asparagus, using these in-season vegetables will already make your pasta perfect fro spring time, and with the goat cheese, you’ll be over the moon!


9. Pesto Pasta

A classic pasta dish, but seriously for a reason! Pesto sauce is perfect on just about any kind of pasta, and if you make yours fresh from scratch, its the perfect spring cooking project that will keep you tasting the flavours of spring for a looooong time to come! After all, once you make your farm fresh pesto, all you have to do is freeze it and voila! Spring time will always be with you!

10. Potato And Pea Gnocchi

Gnocchi, little potato dumplings, are delicious and easy pasta to make! You can buy it at the store of course, or, try and make the pasta on your own! Gnocchi is a super simple recipe that is not only fun to make, but handmade pasta is always impressive! Peas add a fresh pop to this dish, along with the rich cheese and cream.


Which of these springtime pastas will you make? What other springtime pastas do you like? Comment below!

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