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10 Spring Wedding Cakes You And Your New Spouse Will Love

10 Spring Wedding Cakes You And Your New Spouse Will Love

Wedding cake is always one of the most important parts of any wedding, and nothing is better, than a beautiful wedding cake with a great taste.

The wedding cake is the main highlight and a symbol of sweet family life. This sweet dish is chosen with the same care as a wedding dress. Here are our tips and tricks on how to choose the best possible wedding cake and some ideas of cakes you would definitely enjoy.

Each pair of newlyweds seeks to think through all the details in preparation for the most important celebration. All questions are resolved in advance, a few months before the wedding. This also applies to the selection of desserts among the most beautiful and delicious wedding cakes. It is necessary to find in advance a professional pastry chef who has extensive experience in the manufacture of pastries as well as who is ready to provide the catalog of their most beautiful and unusual cakes.

Among all this beauty, you need to choose the dessert that will fit the style of your wedding and match your taste preferences. It is also important that the cake is liked not only by you but also by the guests, so try to avoid very exotic additives in the filling of the cake. The most delicious cakes are made with the addition of the maximum amount of natural flavors, and colors. For the filling use fresh fruits and berries, as well as dark or milk chocolate. Nuts and dried fruits give a pleasant taste to the dessert. When you have chosen the filling for the cake, you can safely move on to its decor.


If you have already decided that you want to buy a truly luxurious wedding cake, you should consider a few important points:

1. Financial aspect

Be prepared for the fact that you will most likely have to spend a large amount of money if you need a big and stylish dessert. If your funds are limited, try to find a way to reduce the cost of the cake – you can make the size smaller by removing one tier, or either reduce the number of decorations.

2. Stylistics

Your cake should fit into your wedding style and match your color choices. Try to pick your wedding cake in similar colors to the whole scheme.


3. Quality

No matter how beautiful your wedding cake is, first of all, it should be fresh and of high quality. All tiers should be well bonded to each other, and the cream should carefully cover the cakes. The decorations should also be made of quality materials and look neat and beautiful.

How about the filling?

Most often cakes are made on the basis of biscuit cakes since it is not only simple and tasty but also convenient for creating any compositions. The cream can have any flavor from a variety of different choices such as vanilla, chocolate, fruity and etc.

Many pastry chefs prefer souffle cakes. Such desserts are light and airy, and with adding natural dyes, the souffle glaze can be turned into any color. Yogurt cakes will cost a little more because of the presence of a large number of natural ingredients. In addition, with the help of marzipan, you can make the most beautiful decorations for your wedding cake. Marzipan is one of the main ingredients in creating sugar paste, which can be wrapped around any cakes, making the texture smooth and elegant.


If you choose to have a marzipan cake, you should not add berries or fruits since it might spoil the sugar paste. The filling for the cake can be selected on the basis of whipped cream with sugar. Thanks to marzipan, you can make beautiful cakes with all sorts of figures. Any sweet tooth will definitely appreciate such a flavor!

Here are some of the most popular types of wedding cakes you and your spouse would definitely enjoy! Let’s start with classic cakes. The name tells itself – these cakes are classic, beautiful, perfect for any wedding.

1. Four-Tiered Cake

A classy four-tiered cake styled in the most simplistic way with some fresh decor.


2. Three-Tiered Cake

This cake is three-tiered and gorgeously decorated all over with sugar paste in the form of flowers, plants, and leaves.

3. Ornaments

Another approach to classical cakes spiced up with some ornaments and flowers.

4. Simplicity

This cake is for all simple gals out there – it’s pure, white, fresh and CLASSIC. There is nothing better than this cake, tbh.

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5. A Disney Castle

Name me somebody who doesn’t imagine their wedding like a dreamy fairytale! These cakes are here to fulfill all your wishes, starting with the most magical of all! Classic cake with a dreamy approach to it, styled with sugar paste and a literal Disney castle. Sign me up!

6. A Fairy Tale

This one is very colourful and full of so many details, all portraying the elements of a beautiful fairy tale.


7. Happily Ever After

This cake is a literal depiction of a “Happily Ever After” – simplistic design with a beaming cherry on top in a form of a pumpkin coach from Cinderella.

8. The Bride And Groom

Figurine cakes can be made in many different ways – baked in various shapes or have figures as a part of the overall design. A figure of the bride and groom placed on the top of the cake is a cult favorite. I mean, how can you resist?

9. Silky Pillows

New and fresh approach of the cake, shaped into literal silky pillows! Three words – luxurious, detailed, elegant.


10. Hearts Everywhere

This cake here is coming to steal your heart. There is nothing cuter than a wedding cake shaped in form of a HEART.

If you will carefully think over all the details, you and your guests will remain under a pleasant impression of the taste and beauty of your wedding cake, as well as have the most memorable night ever.

Which of the styles of wedding cakes do you prefer? Comment down below.
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