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10 Spring Hair Trends You Need To Know About

10 Spring Hair Trends You Need To Know About

The runway and social media are the best places to look for all the new trends. These are 10 hair trends to follow this spring.

With every good outfit needs a matching hair style, as your hair is just as much an accessory as a statement necklace or a good shoe. These are the top 10 Spring 2019 hair trends that are coming:

1. Slicked Back Pony

One of the greatest of all time fashion influencers is Bella Hadid – her large social media presence makes it almost impossible to ignore her latest looks. Bella Hadid is obviously not the creator of the runway slicked-back pony look, but she definitely has been a trend setter when it comes to pony tails. This hairstyle has made its way everywhere and surely completes the look if you’re going for a high-fashion vibe.

2. Middle Part Slick Pony

On the note of pony tails, another look that has been worn by so many fashionable individuals is the middle part slick pony. This trend is highly worn by the Kardashian/Jenner sisters. It is not uncommon to see Kim or Kendall on the red carpet in this style of up-do, and it looks absolutely gorgeous.


3. Wet Hair Look

I for one certainly have mixed feelings about the “wet hair” look, but I can definitely see it making a come back as one of the spring hair trends. Although this look has been seen on so many people for so long, it mostly stuck out to me in youtuber Olivia Jade’s Instagram photo who wore it like a boss. You can watch Olivia Jade create this look here:

4. Baby Bangs

Baby bangs, and front bangs in general, are what’s been talked about lately. Bangs are certainly a bold move, so it’s important to think carefully before getting them, but this is a spring hair trend that is suitable for someone looking for a big change. This has been recently seen on the runway, and on fashion influencers such as nycbambi, who made me fall absolutely back in love with the front bang.

5. Short Hair

This is a simple one, everyone has been chopping their hair this past year. With the warmer weather starting to bloom during spring, this trend is predictable as here to stay.


6. Blunt Bobs

Okay, maybe short hair was a little vague – one specific short hair trend that we can all be expecting is the blunt bob. Remember when you were in the fourth grade and a bob cut was humiliating? Well, not anymore. Take it from Dua Lipa as an example; if you wanna look like a bad ass bit**, get a blunt bob.

7. Choppy Bobs

Blunt bobs can make a statement, but choppy bobs can too complete the look. As seen on many, including Dua Lipa once again, textured/choppy bobs are on of the hottest hair styles to be re-introduced. As we can tell, all short hair is in, and it is up to you to be creative in what suits your look best!

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8. Side Part

When I look back at photos of me from middle school, I absolutely despise my side part. However, this spring, you can make it fashionable. According to Vogue Paris, a side part gives you the low-effort but stylish vibe, so add some volume and get parting!

9. Big Hair

This spring: the more volume, the better.

10. Really Long Hair

Opposite of previously discussed short hair, another trend seen during Fashion Week is really long hair – like, 70s hippie culture long hair. So, I guess you could say hair extensions are probably making a come back.


What hair trends are you planning on following this spring? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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