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10 Spring Food Recipe Ideas That You’re Going To Love

10 Spring Food Recipe Ideas That You’re Going To Love

10 Spring Food Recipe Ideas That You're Going To Love

Looking for the perfect spring recipe to make for your friends and family this upcoming season? With Spring around the corner, I thought it would be a great idea to share some of the spring recipes I’ve been looking forward to. Enjoy!

1. One-Pan Salmon with Roast Asparagus

Doesn’t that look absolutely delicious? I like the fact that this simple recipe is lightweight and healthy. It would make for a perfect weeknight dinner.

Here’s what you need: new potatoes, olive oil, asparagus spears (trimmed and halved), cherry tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, 2 salmon fillets, and a handful of basil leaves.


Got it? Then check the spring recipe at BBC Good Food! Prep time is 20 minutes, and it serves 2!

2. Sorrel and Potato Gratin

Gotta love potatoes!!! The reason I like this dish so much is that it yields so many servings, and it just looks like something straight out of a restaurant. And here’s a pro tip: you can actually do that all year round! Just replace the greens for your seasonal choice (such as spinach, kale, etc).

Here’s what you need2 medium shallots,


Got it? Then check the spring recipe at Martha Stewart! It DOES take about an hour and a half in total, but it serves 8-10!

3. Balsamic Grilled Chicken Salad

Folks, this is an amazing on-the-go healthy, yummy lunch. I like to meal prep with mason jars or tiny plastic bowls, because it helps me portion my food, while also saving space in the fridge. I live for recipes like this because they’re so tasty and super quick to make!

Here’s what you needextra-virgin olive oil, orange juice, salt, balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustardbutton mushrooms, quinoa, roasted chicken, tomatoes, bell peppers, and hot-red-chilli-flake mâche greens (or leaf lettuce).


Got it? Then check the spring recipe at Chatelaine! It serves 1, but it’s super quick to assemble!

4. Pina Colada Icebox Cake

The reason I love healthy, lightweight dinner/lunch recipes such as the one-pan salmon or the balsamic grilled chicken salad is specifically so that I don’t feel bad about loving recipes such as this pina colada icebox cake! Just thinking of it makes my mouth water.

Here’s what you need: 1 package cream cheese (softened), confectioners’ sugar, rum extract, canned coconut milk, instant vanilla pudding mix, frozen whipped topping (thawed), whole graham crackers, canned crushed pineapple (drained), and sweetened shredded coconut (toasted).


Got it? Then check the spring recipe at Taste of Home! Prep time is 25 minutes and it serves 12!

5. Pea, Mint & Spring Onion Soup

This hella stylish soup makes for another great lightweight dinner for when you have guests coming over. It’s very easy to make, it smells SUPER good and it’s a fairly “uncommon” soup, which makes you come off as a chef when presenting it to your dinner guests!

Here’s what you need: olive oil, butter, spring onion, 1 potato, hot vegetable stock, frozen peas, mint, and parmesan cheese (or vegetarian alternative).


Got it? Then check out the spring recipe at BBC Good Food!

6. Spinach Artichoke Cheese Ball Bites

While I haven’t tried out this recipe myself, I’m really looking forward to. It looks like a great party treat, and you know I love me a good party, almost as much as I love me some good food! Yum!

Here’s what you need:  softened cream cheese, chopped artichoke hearts, chopped spinach. shredded mozzarella, grated Parmesan cheese, garlic powder, kosher salt, ground black pepper, Italian bread crumbs, and either breadsticks or pretzel sticks.

Got it? Then check the spring recipe at Delish! Prep time is 10 minutes, cook for 1 hour, and it serves 18!

7. Kale Slaw Spring Salad

The kale slaw spring salad would be ideal for a picnic lunch. It’s really refreshing, easy to assemble, and just outright delicious! If you’re a fan of kale, this is for you!

Here’s what you need: fresh kale, romaine, coleslaw mix, 1 medium fennel bulb, fresh broccoli, red cabbage, crumbled feta cheese, toasted sesame seeds, extra virgin olive oil, sesame oil, honey, cider vinegar, lemon juice, pureed strawberries, and fresh strawberries.

Got it? Then check the spring recipe at Taste of Home! Prep time is 25 minutes, and it serves 10!


8. Grilled Chicken and Strawberry Salad

Y’all. Just look at that picture. Now read the recipe description.

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“This easy, no-fuss dish starts with grilled chicken right off the barbecue. Fresh strawberries and Granny Smith apples add the sweet-tart complement to this light, summer fare.”



Here’s what you need: olive oil, sliced strawberries, white balsamic vinegar, chopped chives, honey, salt, 2 chicken breasts, salt, baby arugula, basil leaves, Granny Smith apple, sweet onion, chopped toasted walnuts, and feta cheese.

Got it? Then check the spring recipe at Chatelaine! Total time is 25 minutes, and it serves 4!


9. Sour Cream Lemon Pie

Another one of my not-so-guilty pleasures (thanks to most healthy recipes listed here), the sour cream lemon pie is to die for. It honestly feels like your biting into the clouds. Lemon clouds. Yum!

Here’s what you need: pastry for single-crust pie, sugar, cornstarch, whole milk, lemon juice, lightly beaten egg yolks, butter, grated lemon zest, sour cream, and heavy whipping cream.

Got it? Then check the spring recipe at Taste of Home! Prep time is 20 minutes, and it serves 8!


10. Spinach Artichoke Spring Rolls

I mean, what sort of “spring recipes” list would this be, without a single spring rolls recipe?!

Here’s what you need: softened cream cheese, sour cream, shredded mozzarella, grated Parmesan, canned artichoke hearts, frozen spinach, 2 garlic cloves, kosher salt, ground black pepper, egg roll wrappers. and chopped fresh parsley (for garnish).

Got it? Then check the spring recipe at Delish! Prep time is 15 minutes, and it serves 12!


Have you tried any of these recipes? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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