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10 Spring 2019 Accessory Trends You’ll Want To Try Yourself

Spring is fast approaching which only means we have to make some wardrobe adjustments. With the new season upon us, our favourite brands have blessed us once again with a wave of fresh trends particularly in the domain of accesories. From swanky woven bags to newly-innovated avant garde sunglasses, we are beyond excited to coordinate such trends to our daily spring outfits. Here are our top 10 accesories that you need to put on your radar this coming spring!

1. Belt Bags

Belt bags are just every fashionista’s best friend right now. They have been witnessed in practically any street style shot during the past few seasons of the Big 4 fashion weeks. Why? Because they are chic, functional, and most of all, they coordinate well with any outfit!

2. Tiny Sunglasses/Cat’s Eye Sunglasses

These chic accessories have become exponentially acclaimed in the past year thanks to many A-list celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. Their popularity seems to be steadily growing therefore it’s safe to say that this periodical trend will be re-embraced this spring!

3. Silk Scarves

Nothing exhibits more Marilyn Monroe and Jackie O than the classic silk scarf. Reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour, silk scarves are one of the most versatile pieces a girl can have and they instantly elevate an outfit.

4. Linen Shawl

These cover-ups are a classic and because of their practicality, they won’t be going anywhere soon. Don’t want to compromise fashion for comfort? The linen shawl is the perfect accessory that  harmonizes both and synchronizes well with any outfit. Consider wearing printed shawls such as this one to add that extra pop!

5. Visor

Out with fedoras and in with visors! You may immediately think of tennis or golf but millenial fashionistas officially assert that these accessories are no longer just for sporty looks! Visors are officially in this spring as endorsed by brands such as Dior and we are beyond excited to witness its growing popularity.

6. Headbands

What are generally regarded as somewhat hipster or BOHO are now high fashion thanks to Italian luxury brand Prada. Headbands are part of the trend wagon once again and young fashionistas are celebrating this trend once again full out.

7. Layered Necklaces

“Blinging up” doesn’t necessarily require showing off a myriad of diamonds! Numerous bloggers and fashionistas have mastered this trend in the past year or so as it is a simple yet innovative way to spice up any monotone outfit!

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8. Wide Coloured Belts

Spring denotes pops of colour therefore an easy way to exhibit this is by wearing coloured belts! This year, wide coloured belts are back as popularized by big-time fashion figures and in-demand luxury labels. May it be a for a daytime or nighttime function, these statement pieces are here to instantly “spring up” an outfit.

9. Woven/Basket bags

Classic bag silhouettes are considered overdone by many and basket bags have come to freshen up our daytime accessory collection. Along with belt bags, the popularity of these accessories has been constantly increasing because of  high profile fashion bloggers.  Thanks to these bags, looking like we’re going to a picnic is the new norm.

10. Clear Shoes

This year for spring, it’s all about transparency! These have come in a variety of forms over the past few months with some containing a clear strap or a transparent heel. No matter the style, clear shoes have enticed every accessory fiend to flaunt the feet!

What spring accessory trend are you ready to embrace this spring? Tell us in the comments section below!

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Louise Tabora

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