10 Signs You’re Dating A Fuck Boy

It seems as though more often than not, girls find out that their boyfriend is actually not what they expected. Well, there are some things to look out for to prevent yourself from being totally blindsided. Here are 10 signs you’re dating a fuck boy.

1. He is confident and forward.

At the beginning, this good looking charmer is forward, insistent and irresistible. As you get further down the road, you realize that he behaves this way with every girl he meets, but when you voice displeasure with said behavior, (after making you feel a little crazy), he will tell you exactly what you want to hear: “You are over-thinking it, I would never want anyone but you.” Oh he will.

2. He says he doesn’t want to label it.

This is textbook fuck boy behavior. Fuck boys and commitment are like water and oil. They don’t mix. The minute you start getting attached and wanting to see “where this is going” that is his cue to dip out. Probably with some excuse about wanting to be single. He probably will say something like “let’s take it slow and see where it goes” which usually means the same thing as “I don’t really know what I want” and “I’m not looking for anything serious.”

3. He never asks to do anything together in public.

It’s always Netflix and chill. Every time you suggest doing something together in public he’s busy, or tired, or not feeling well. Straight up, if he really likes you he will want to spend time with you and show you off even if he missed out on a  few hours of sleep the night before.


4. He has a ton of Snapchat streaks.

But they don’t mean anything. “It’s just one snap of my feet every day to keep it going.” He says. Yeah, okay.

5. He says exactly what you want to hear.

He tells you all the sweet words in the world during the times that he’s trying to get to know you, does chivalrous deeds in the beginning, and makes you truly special. But once you have given that one YES, he starts vanishing the week after — leaving you to wonder out loud whether you did something wrong.

6. He talks about other guys being dicks.

Your last ex that totally led you on? A total dick. This is all part of the game of making you think that he is this great god of a man.

7. When you finally meet his friends they don’t act like ‘Wow I’ve heard so much about you”.

This is because he’s probably dating lots of girls and doesn’t really care enough to be coming home and going on about all your great qualities.

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8. He cares a lot more about his guys than you.

He can’t watch a movie tonight because he told the guys he’d play video games and he can’t catch up after work tonight because he’s super tired and Ryan needs help with a math problem and then all these other reasons why day after day he doesn’t have any time for you.

9. He’s had “things” with a lot of other girls.

At every event he’s chased after a different girl. Each month or so it’s been a different girl that he’s talking to. He claims that with you it’s different. But tread carefully with these ones. They never know what they want and often have short attention spans.

10. He ghosts you.

You spend weeks talking, sexting, maybe even nighttime Netflix and chill hookups. Till one day he just stops answering. You feel like you did  something wrong but trust me hunny, it’s just him.

What are some other signs you’re dating a fuck boy? Share in the comments below if you have any experience to help other ladies out!
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