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15 Signs You’re A Video Game Nerd And That’s Okay

15 Signs You’re A Video Game Nerd And That’s Okay

Are all the signs pointing to you being video game nerd?! The video game industry is more popular than ever and it is the prime time to be a gamer!

Let’s be real for a moment, shall we? No one in their right mind wants to be labeled as a video game nerd. Having said that, however, video games have no doubt increased in popularity over the years. In fact, the gaming industry is outperforming both the music and film industries combined. With this in mind, you may want to look out for the signs as to whether or not you really are a video game nerd.

1. Your Music Playlist Is Littered With Video Game Soundtracks

You leave your house to go catch your bus. In doing so, you never forget to leave your earphones behind. Once plugged in and ready to roll, you scroll past your favorite bands and artists as if they were the plague just to get to what really matters; listening to The Legend Of Zelda orchestrated symphony in glorious high definition. Yup, all signs point to it, you may be a video game nerd.

2. You Unexpectedly Catch Yourself Humming The Tunes

Okay, so you forget your earphones at home. Next thing you know, you’re humming (or even singing) along to the tune of that boss battle you just conquered. People are giving you weird looks asking themselves, “the hell is wrong with this guy” until you finally realize what’s up and guess what? You aren’t even bothered by it, proving to yourself that you are, in fact, a video game nerd.


3. When You’re Not Gaming You’re Watching Videos Of Others Gaming

It is a vicious cycle. You spend hours gaming until it is no longer considered humane. Your father is yelling at you to “get a life” as he promptly shuts off your console. No worries, you think, I can simply watch it online! Next thing you know it’s 7am and time to get ready for school. Do you regret your decision? Not one bit, you are a video game nerd.

4. Time Is Nonexistent When You’re Gaming

You know you’re a video game nerd when clocks are as of yet to be invented when you’re in the “zone”. One minute it’s Saturday afternoon and the next thing you know, you’ve just missed three days of school. Oops.

5. You Continuously Wish Reality Was More Like A Video Game

Don’t we all? You have just finished beating Uncharted 2: Among Thieves for the fourteenth time and are ready to learn parkour. Oh wait, it’s not that simple, is it? For one, you haven’t seen daylight in about six weeks because, after all, you’re a video game nerd.


6. You Have Called Someone A “Noob” More Than You’d Like To Admit

The fact that you don’t even have to Google what that means speaks for itself.

7. The Time You Spend Not Gaming Is Dedicated To Reading Game Theories

If you spend your time on various gaming forums and feel the need to indulge in fan theories and speculations, why in the blue hell are you here reading this article when you know without a shadow of a doubt that you are a video game nerd, and that’s okay.

8. You Have An Unhealthy Loyalty To Your Gaming Brand Of Choice

Whether it be Nintendo, PlayStation, or Xbox. You are dead set to being loyal to your preferred brand until the day you die (or, at the very least, until you realize that the console wars are an unnecessary waste of time). As one anonymous individual once said, “why not both?”


9. You Own Multiple Versions Of The Exact. Same. Game.

You make it really difficult for others NOT to call you a video game nerd when your friends come over and see that one game on your desk. And then again, on your bookshelf, and once more on the OTHER bookshelf. Your friends then collectively look at you and say “and then you wonder why you have no money to feed yourself, and for the love of god, take a shower!”

10. When A Task Or Chore Has Been Completed You Say To Yourself “I Earned A Trophy”

Who even has TIME for chores when you have baddies to slay?! Regardless, when you are feeling satisfied as if you just ran a 6k marathon (never going to happen) you whisper under your breath “I earned a trophy” if you’re a PlayStation fan or “achievement unlocked” if, for some odd reason, you prefer Xbox. At this point, you should also be whispering to yourself “I am a video game nerd”.

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11. Your Room Is Littered With Gaming Memorabilia

As any avid gaming collector would tell you, it is basically a curse. You just don’t know when to give it a break. Your room is littered with Pikachu dolls left, right, and center. You have Mario figurines popping out of who knows where and there isn’t a single wall that does not have at least three Zelda posters stuck to them. It’s time to put down the controller and pick up the broom!

12. You Have A Favorite Video Game Character

Nothing truly says, “I’m a very game nerd” quite like having a favorite video game character. There are literally hundreds (thousands?) to choose from such as Mario, Link, and even Kratos!

13. You Are Well Aware That Zelda Is A She And Not A He

Hell, she isn’t called a princess for nothing! Get your facts straight people and stop embarrassing yourselves. Unlike these shady, uneducated individuals, you would never make such an amateur mistake because, after all, you are a video game nerd, and that’s totally okay.


14. Pokemon Was A Massive Part Of Your Childhood And Still Is

Sadly, children of this generation will never truly understand what it felt like to grow up at the exact same time as Pokemon hitting the market. It literally took the world by storm and, for many of us, there was no looking back.

15. You Surround Yourself With Any And All Gaming Media

If you reading this wonderful article isn’t an indication, nothing is. You love to keep up to date with all the latest gaming news and release dates for upcoming games. As well, you mark down said days on your calendar as if it were Christmas all over again. Who has time for aunt Martha’s stories when you have games to beat?!

Video games have definitely come a long way in popularity within the last decade. That is, it is no longer seen as negative to be labeled a video game nerd.  Still, what are your thoughts regarding how far the gaming industry has come, and do you consider yourself a nerd? Let us know in the comments below!

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