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20 Signs You’re A College Athlete

20 Signs You’re A College Athlete


There are certain things that only college athletes understand. Whether or not you are currently a college athlete yourself, or know of any friends who are, keep reading for twenty surefire signs you’re a college athlete!

1. Ice baths are actually appealing.

2. “Sorry, I have practice” is something you constantly say.

3. Spring break actually means spring training, not bikinis and bottles.

4. You know that “Optional” actually means mandatory.


5. Having recruits on campus means free food.

6. You are always falling asleep in class.

7. You are constantly hungry.

8. You are up before the sun.

9. The best time of the year is when you get new gear.

10. You spend majority of your day complaining about how sore you are.

11. You live off of Gatorade and water.

12. You are always superstitious on game day.

13. Your closet is mainly team gear.

14. You don’t know what to do with your free time because you rarely ever have it.

15. You are constantly in sweats, so when you dress up, it’s a big deal.

16. You carry way too many things in school.



17. You learn to change on the go.

18. You’re an amazing multitasker.

19. You get used to the awful tan lines.

20. Only other student athletes understand you.

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