10 Signs You Like Animals Better Than People

When you’re binge-watching Game of Thrones, do you find yourself desensitized to the tragic deaths of characters, but you can’t stand it when the animals end up dying? You might just be an animal person. Here are 15 signs you like animals better than people:

1. You get too emotional at the idea of an animal dying.

Sure, you might get shocked or surprised when you see a character dying on your favourite TV show. You might even get upset when you check the news and you read about someone’s death. But hearing about people who hurt animals? Now, THAT gets you fired up. Watching an animal die in a movie? THAT makes you cry.

2. If you could, you would own 37847 pets.

A thousand dogs. A thousand cats. Birds. Lizards. Bunnies. Farm animals. You’d have absolutely zero problems with a house full of pets. In fact, you wish you could win the lottery just so you could afford to rescue every animal in a shelter.

3. If your pet doesn’t like a person, you get suspicious about that person’s character.

You can handle people who don’t like your pets. They don’t know what they’re talking about. They don’t understand the loyal creatures you love. But when your pet doesn’t like someone, THEN you get worried.

4. When you go to a party, you can easily spend all night hanging out with the host’s pet.

There are some people you can see yourself talking to, but they’re no competition for a DOG, for instance.

5. You don’t think humans deserve animals.

Humans are disappointing, disloyal, mean, petty, you name it. But animals? Animals are pure, genuine, innocent. You just don’t think humans are animal-worthy.

Hint, hint: they’re not. Animals are much, much better.

6. When people let you down, you remind yourself that your pet would never do you like that.

As previously pointed out, animals are pure, genuine and innocent. Your pet would never cheat on you, betray you or backstab you like certain people might. Whenever someone disappoints you, you can’t help but think “wow, my pet would NEVER”.

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7. You would happily cancel your plans to stay in and hang out with your pet.

Every animal lover has experienced this at least once. You made plans to go out, but then you find yourself all snuggled up with your pet, watching tv, and getting up to go out just isn’t worth it. It might be raining outside, and you’re all cozy under the blankets, and your cat is purring. Or, it might be your pet’s birthday. Whatever the occasion, your pet is just more worth it.

8. Your idea of heaven involves you surrounded by animals.

Each person imagines heaven as their own personal version of paradise. Yours includes nothing but every animal you’ve ever loved, or petted, or wanted to pet. Maybe in your idea of heaven you can even talk to pets. Maybe you can even UNDERSTAND your pets, speak in their language etc. Can you imagine?

9. You don’t care about babies, but you gasp at baby animals.

Babies are cute, yes. But kittens? Puppies? Baby ducks? Baby elephants? Baby pigs? THAT makes you squeal. Hell, you even find adult animals cuter than babies. I personally have to gasp and scream “PUPPER” every time I see a dog across the street. I can’t help it! Dogs are so tiny!

10. You wouldn’t mind dying if you died suffocated by animals.

I mean, is there a better way to go? We’ve been through this already. It’s like going straight to heaven, with an express ticket.

Do you like animals better than people? Let me know in the comments!

Featured Image: https://bestfunnychannel.blogspot.com/2012/11/cute-and-funny-pictures-of-animals-22.html
Laura Faria

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