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12 Signs You Know You’re From Windsor, Ontario

Windsor, Ontario is the southernmost city in Canada and the automotive capital of Canada. Here are 12 signs you know you’re from Windsor, Ontario!

You’ve drunkenly taken a photo with the Feather Hat Guy.

He’s ALWAYS around downtown and a local celebrity.

We dread June solely because of the fish flies.

The smell and the sound of them crunching under your car tires are the worst and we just don’t understand where they come from.

Shawarma Palace is more hype than the actual nightclubs downtown.

Standing on tables to Dabke at 3am is the highlight of our weekend or just a very good way to keep cliental returning.

When someone asks where you’re from and it’s easiest to just say “across from Detroit”.

No one knows where Windsor is when you tell them so it’s easiest to mention Detroit or Toronto to give them a general geographic idea.

Hearing rumours about Texas Road and always being too chicken to go in high school.

Where even is it?

When the word “chirp” in your vocabulary actually means “insult”.

Must have sprouted from hockey lingo or something but it just feels right and no one else in the world knows what we are talking about when we say it.

Summer means all the roads will be inaccessible because of construction.

I’d honestly rather take the back roads to work than the expressway.

Looking for your crush at the river fireworks to kick off summer and hoping you’ll be a couple by Cornfest.

It’s a social gathering; it was never about the fireworks or the corn.

See Also

Going to Devonshire mall and pretending not to see the people working at the MICA Cosmetics kiosk.

How did they have so many free samples to give out!?

When Frenchy’s becomes a luxury at 2:30am.

You’d think there was a meet and greet with this line up.

Everyone and their moms go to Florida or Mexico for every March Break or Reading Week.

Roadtrips to Florida are truly great; nothing like heading down I-75 for 18 hours straight.

And finally, we have the best pizza in the world hands down.

We actually placed at the 30th International Pizza Expo in Vegas in 2014 and for good reason.

Are you from Windsor, Ontario? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
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