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10 Signs You Have A Shopping Problem

10 Signs You Have A Shopping Problem

Are you a shopper or a shopaholic? These ten signs of shopping addiction will help you find out!

As an individual who is obsessed with fashion or other material things, it is immensely difficult to maintain a financially-balanced lifestyle. Entrenched in the mind is the idea of splurging as not an occasional activity but as habitual, which leads to constant overspending. Though having credit card swiping impulses for a few times in a year is normal, what happens if you have them every time you shop? Can you officially be called a shopping addict? Is it fair to say that you have what psychologists call compulsive spending disorder? Here are ten signs that may help you answer this question.

1. You are constantly trying to find a reason to shop.

When you have a shopping problem, you see the activity as a primary way of providing contentment or filling in that materialistic gap in your mind. Also, you always feel that shops or malls are minutes away.

2. You buy regular priced items instead of waiting for them to go on sale.

When you are on a shopping spree, budgeting is at the least of your concerns. If you like what you see, you simply get it for your emotional satisfaction without waiting for any sale promo.


3. You buy things you don’t need.

With a materialistic mindset, you never check what groceries, clothes, or material things you currently possess. You buy things in multiple thanks to the shopping adrenaline pumping through.

4. You extend the limit of your credit card.

This happens quite often especially with people who have shopping problems. The feeling of having more credit space provides sufficient motivation to buy more things and we don’t stop until we have it maxed out.


5. You have more than one credit card.

As if having a credit space extension isn’t enough, you apply for another credit card to further maximize your financial freedom. And of course, possessing another instrument for splurging will instantly release our inner shopaholic.

6. You have no funds in your active spending account.

Without any complete awareness on your spending budget, this will happen quite a lot. People who have shopping problems will literally spend until the last penny of their bank account. Some people would even go as far as borrowing money if a company is present.


7. You feel exceedingly remorseful after splurging.

After a crazy shopping spree, this generally occurs for people who have a shopping problem. The feeling of remorse is beyond normal, which often leads to a spark of realization and life reflection afterwards.

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8. You are an “enabler” or someone who encourages people to splurge.

When shopping with friends as a shopaholic, you will find yourself doing this multiple times. Apart from suggesting the most expensive stores or items, you’re also that one individual who will urge that friend to get something based primarily on your emotional satisfaction that they will obtain it.


9. You have the tendency hide things that you’ve (just) bought.

For young adults who still live with their parents, this is a common case. Often, when they have just an expensive item or items that they are aware will not be family approved, they will simply hide them to prevent scolding and judgement.

10. You are always looking at retail websites to check what is new.

An immediate way to excite your inner shopaholic. As a person who is addicted to shopping, you will find yourself browsing through multiple websites daily to check what you can put in the forefront of your “to get” list.


How do you define people with shopping problems? Let us know what you think below!

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