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20 Signs You Go To Ryerson

20 Signs You Go To Ryerson

Going to Ryerson and being a part of downtown Toronto definitely makes for a unique experience. Ryerson has plenty of quirks of its own. Keep reading for 20 signs you go to Ryerson!

1. You praise Drake.

You can’t go to Ryerson and not love Drake.

2. You always dress nice.

When in the big city, Ryerson students always dress to impress.


3. You always drink Starbucks.

Forget the Balzac’s line and the gross coffee from Tim’s…plus a Starbucks cup compliments an outfit.

4. Most of your friends or you commute.

People come from Markham, and North York and Pickering and Hamilton and Mississauga and just about anywhere else.

5. You run on Ryerson time even outside of class.

“Wait, I had to be here at 8 not 8:10?”



6. You hate the movie theatre after having class in it.

Three hour lectures in a movie theatre make you never want to go see a movie again.

7. You wear summer shirts all year because Kerr hall is so hot.

Winter jackets to class, tank tops in class.


8. You’re used to people calling Ryerson RyeHigh.

Yes, we get it. Ryerson was not always a University.

9. Everyone has aesthetic Instagrams.

You don’t go to school in Toronto and not have an visually appealing Instagram.

10. You’re obsessed with letting people know you go to school in downtown Toronto.

Yeah, that’s right. We have classes in the Eaton Centre.


11. You’re used to never getting snow days.

You understand that Ryerson does not care about the weather.

12. You know secret ways to and from buildings.

You know how to get from Kerr hall to the library to the SLC without going outside.

13. You can handle any smell.

If you can handle the smell stepping on campus, you can handle anything.


14. Will never stop bragging about 6fest.

Yeah, that’s right Drake came to Ryerson.


15. You really hate UofT.

Nothing personal.


16. You’re constantly complaining about your bank account.

Too many stores in walking distance from campus.


17. Street hot dogs are your best friend.

Too lazy to make food with cheap hot dogs right on campus.

18. Hanging out at “the beach” is a commonly used term.

Going to the beach floor in the SLC is every student’s fav spot and is one of the classic signs you go to Ryerson.

19. You love the busyness of downtown.

You can’t go to Ryerson and not appreciate the never resting city of Toronto.


20. Oh and did I mention, you love Drake.

Enough said.

Isn't loving drake one of the signs you go to Ryerson?!

What are some other signs you go to Ryerson? Comment below and share the article!
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