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20 Signs You Go To Carleton

20 Signs You Go To Carleton

20 Signs You Go To Carleton

I am so happy I go to Carleton. From the beautiful campus in the fall, to the inspirational alumni and figures that come to visit, Carleton never fails to impress. Like any other uni, it has its own quirks that students can appreciate. Sometimes you just know who you are, and who you are is a tired Carleton student who can probably relate to and agree with these 20 signs you go to Carleton!

1. You have heard the o-train come and go so many times that it is basically second nature to you.

DING DING DING every 10 to 15 minutes. Every. Single. Day. You have heard it so much that sometimes, even when you’re away from campus, you hear it.

2. You have also heard the “F You, Ottawa U” chant at least once this school year.

Not to mention how often you heard it on the Panda Game day. Participating in the rivalry is one of the classic signs you go to Carleton. Listen to these icons do the most beautiful chant.


3. You live and breathe for the chicken nugget nights in the cafeteria.

And you will wait in line forever to get those beautiful, beautiful little nugs.

4. You are upset that River Building has become Richcraft Hall, even if it is not your faculty building.

How dare they do this to us? Change the name of our precious building? The memes that have come out of this tragic loss have been amazing though.

5. You know at least one person in Journalism or Public Administration.

Its not their fault that Carleton has the best programs.


6. You own at least one article of Ravens clothing, and you wear it a lot.

The clothes are comfy and we’re proud of our school, what more can we say.

7. You love how beautiful the quad is in the fall.

And you’ve probably have or desperately want to swing there while admiring the view.


8. When you tell people that you go to school in Ottawa, you always have to make sure that they know that you go to Carleton, not Ottawa U.

Please, never assume I go to Ottawa U, it hurts my feelings

9. You always seem to know where the closest Tim’s is to you, for some odd reason.

One in Res Comm., one in the UC, one in River Buildi— uhm Richcraft hall.


10. You have seen or met at least one politician while on campus.

Including Justin Trudeau, which was pandemonium.

11. You know in your heart of hearts that Pedro the Panda will always be at home when he is at Carleton.

4 words: Three. In. A. Row. Pedro is ours, forever.


12. You still can’t believe how beautiful the scenery around the university is.

The trees, the plants, the views of the canal and river. Absolutely breath-taking.

13. Some of the art in the tunnels still amazes you- for better or for worse.

Some artistic genius, others artistic mess.

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14. You have corrected peoples’ spelling of the school’s name more than once.

It is not CARLTON, like Carlton Banks from Fresh Prince of Bel-air, its C-A-R-L-E-T-O-N, as in Carleton University, or Carleton county. Get it right.

15. You have seen one of the following: A black squirrel, a racoon or a groundhog.

Who knew we were going to become so immersed in nature? It’s one of the funny signs you go to Carleton!


One of the classic signs you go to Carleton!

16. You love Blue, the therapy dog, more than you love yourself.

He also makes you miss your pets more

17. You’re probably from Ottawa or Toronto.

We have some people from other cities or provinces, but most of the student body seems to be from the GTA or from The Ottawa area.

18. You’ve seen way more people dyed purple than you ever thought you would.

Those engineers eh?


19. You know of famous people who have graduated from Carleton.

We have a now retired NHL player, prime minister, SNL stars even. Who does Ottawa U have? Alex Trebek? Come on, there is no completion.

20. You’re super proud to be a raven.

And you’re proud of other all of your fellow ravens… You just love your school so much.



What are some other classic signs you go to Carleton? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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