15 Signs You Definitely Grew Up In Mississauga

15 Signs You Definitely Grew Up In Mississauga

Have you heard of Mississauga, Ontario? If you’re from the Greater Toronto Area (of course, more commonly known as the GTA—it’s different from the 6ix!) then you know all about Mississauga, home to the infamous Square One Shopping Center, Hazel McCallion, and the ever-so-dainty Port Credit area.

A question for all my Mississauga peeps out there: Have you found a home away from your original home? Do you miss things that made you one with one of the best cities in the GTA? If so, then here’s something to take you down memory lane. Let’s revisit the good ol’ days and recount all the signs that confirm you definitely grew up in Mississauga!

1. You are incredibly familiar with the OLD Square One

Yup, the one with the IMAX theatre, Woolco instead of Walmart, and where there was no such thing as “underground parking”—there was no need for it!

15 Signs You Definitely Grew Up In Mississauga


2. You never tell anyone you went to University of Toronto Mississauga Campus

We all understand how prestigious it is to get into the University of Toronto, right? So, why ruin it by adding in that you frequent the Mississauga campus more than you’d like to admit? It’s all one and the same anyway, right? Right!

15 Signs You Definitely Grew Up In Mississauga

3. You brag about Ryan Gosling’s mother teaching at Port Credit High School 

He’s hot, famous, and his mom was a favorite teacher at your local high school. We have so much to brag about!


15 Signs You Definitely Grew Up In Mississauga

4. You’re quick to correct people when they think you’re from Brampton

There is a BIG different between Brampton and Mississauga, get it right peeps!

5. You couldn’t go to the mall with your friends in middle school, so you went to the Mississauga library 

You had to find a table in the section where you can talk, otherwise, you’re stuck upstairs and there was no point in meeting up with your friends there.


6. You started skipping class and ended up at Square One…

You weren’t at Timmies for long! You hit high school, caught the 61S to Square One and were soon treating your crush to Laura Secord ice cream at the food court.

7. Everyone wanted to have their birthday party at Playdium 

It’s Playdium or nothing, EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.

8. You only had one mayor for your entire life 

How can someone go through multiple mayors? Hazel McCallion, the fifth mayor of Mississauga, was in office from 1978-2014. Woah!

15 Signs You Definitely Grew Up In Mississauga


9. You always suggested Scooters to your date 

Retro vibes and very bad lighting, all while skating hand-in-hand with your date. Am I bringing back memories?


10. You know you won’t ever get lost—all transit buses take you to Square One 

And then you’re home.

11. You ALWAYS wanted a 416 number 

905 is the ultimate OG, but when you got your first cellphone you couldn’t resist asking: “Can I get a 416 number?”

12. Your friends are from all over the world

You grew up with a Matthew, Eugene, Sukhjit, Tonya, Tsan, Lenny, Ahmed and so many more kids from all over the world! And, the best part? They all spoke different languages, which means you STILL know a couple of swear words from all over the globe. It’s ok, you can admit it…

13. The 1979 Mississauga Train Derailment is a big thing for you

And rightfully so.


14. You can brag about the original Osmow’s coming from your city 

Shwarma anyone? The first and only place to get one was at the original Osmow’s nestled in Streetsville.

15 Signs You Definitely Grew Up In Mississauga

15. You call it Sauga 

And only you can, no one else from any other suburb can…

Mississauga is home to almost 721,000 people, and I can bet that everyone can relate to at least one of these throwback moments—I can!

Featured Image Source: yourSAUGA.com
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