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9 Signs You Are A Vancouverite

9 Signs You Are A Vancouverite

If you were born and raised in Vancouver, you know the city and it's people are truly like no other. From the mountains to the amazing sushi, here are 9 signs you are a Vancouverite.

If you were born and raised in Vancouver, you know the city and it’s people are truly like no other. Here are 9 signs you are a Vancouverite:

1. You complain about the weather (even more than usual).

Yeah, it’s true, it rains a lot in Vancouver, but what is up with the wind in Toronto? It makes the rain fall sideways and that just makes me complain even more when it gets all over my face, even when I’m carrying an umbrella. Whether it’s sunny or rainy in Vancouver, you’re always going to find somebody complaining about the weather. We just like talking about the weather, it’s always relevant and it’s not going to stop any time soon.

(Also, who knew “wind chill” was a thing, it’s just never talked about on the west coast.)


2. You know the difference between “Vancouver Vancouver” and “Vancouver”.

Okay, so this obviously isn’t the official jargon, but “Vancouver” includes all those other little municipalities like the Tri-cities, Surrey, Burnaby and various other places that are technically in Vancouver, but not. Meanwhile “Vancouver Vancouver” refers to the actual city centre and it’s surrounding area. It’s not a difficult distinction to make, but no one (people who aren’t from Vancouver) really knows where you’re talking about if you tell them that you’re from “Port Coquitlam”, so “I’m from Vancouver” will simply have to suffice for all of us.

3. You remember exactly what you were doing when the 2011 Stanley Cup Riot happened.

It was 2011. Game seven. Vancouver Canucks versus the Boston Bruins. If you’re from Vancouver, you don’t even have to watch hockey to know what I’m talking about.

4. You have a bias against East Coast ski slopes.

The East Coast ones are just not quite the same as our Whistler mountains, even Grouse and Seymour put up a better challenge.


5. You miss the mountains whenever you go anywhere else.

One of the first things you noticed was the lack of hills and mountains. Why is it so flat here???

6. Plane tickets to go back home are unreal.

Two words: Expensive AF. No but seriously, why are they so expensive?

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7. You realize that Vancouver sushi quality isn’t universal.

To all my fellow sushi lovers, we can agree on this, right? It just doesn’t taste as good. Chances are it’s because Vancouver is right next to the ocean so we have a constantly fresh supply of fish, but that doesn’t mean we don’t miss it. A lot.

8. You Miss home (Vancouver).

Toronto is great, but it just isn’t home.  You’ll feel homesick every once in a while, but you eventually come to realize that it’s okay. You’ll find comfort in the rain (when it’s not windy) and in the never-ending skype calls with friends from home.

9. Oh..and it’s pronounced “Vang-couver”.

Just like how Toronto residents pronounce “Toronto” differently, we Vancouverites pronounce it “VanGcouver”, it just sounds more natural to us.

Can you think of any more signs you are a Vancouverite? Let us know down below!
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