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10 Signs You Are A Millennial

10 Signs You Are A Millennial

10 Signs You Are A Millennial

The word millennial describes the young generation of people that are so active and are in their prime. For some it is either good or controversial to live in the era of millennials. However, if you are still not sure, here we have written a brief description of who they are, and as well 10 signs if you are a millennial yourself.

Who are millennials?

Millennials are representatives of a generation of people born in the late 80s – early 90s. These young people are called the Y Generation and the “MeMeMe” generation.  Millennials are born in an era of globalization, industrialization, and the availability of digital technology. From childhood, they are surrounded by technology and accordingly are very skilled at using it. Thanks to computers, tablets, and smartphones, millennials are used to communicating and interacting with the outside world 24/7.

It is believed that the millennials are somewhat narcissistic: they often take pictures of themselves, share details of their lives with pleasure through social media, and many of them dream of becoming famous. However, the results of the Torrance test show that the representatives of this generation are not very creative due to excessive narcissism and the lack of experience in communicating with “real” people. They constantly need a dose of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that works as the brain’s “reward system”. That is why millennials are so happy when someone recognizes them, for example, through a “like” on their social media accounts on Facebook or Instagram. Studies have shown that millennials can hardly find their hobby because so many opportunities are opened to them all at once. According to scientists, many young people will not be able to decide on a vocation right up to their adulthood. Millennials, however, are easily trained, and this allows them to frequently change jobs and areas of activity.


Are you a millennial? Here are 10 typical signs of millennials:

1. Social Media

You can’t live without social media, obviously. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and so much more. You have multiple social media accounts which you visit and update regularly – your profile pics, photo content, status, Insta-stories are all carefully selected and polished. Also, you constantly check your social media – multiple times a day for sure. Internet detox? What is that?

10 Signs You Are A Millennial


2. Selfies

Of course, we can’t check your phone and look through your photo booth, but come on, we already know what do you have there – lots and lots of selfies! It is typical for a millennial to take selfies with different poses, lightings, positions, and locations so that they could choose one perfect selfie and post it proudly on their social media profile. I mean, come on – who DOESN’T take a selfie in our world?

10 Signs You Are A Millennial

3. You don’t watch TV

Who exactly does watch TV anymore? Not you for sure. Who needs a TV anyway when everything is available online nowadays? For the record, Netflix and Youtube are FTW.


4. Google

If a true millennial doesn’t know an answer to something, they obviously Google it, because who else knows basically any answer to any question in the world except Google? Those days when people had to go to the library to find an answer to the question they were looking for are long gone now.

5. Music

A typical millennial obviously cannot live a day without music. Whether its Drake, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Eminem, or Beethoven, you gotta have those headphones (or is it AirPods now?) in, otherwise how can you live listening to all those annoying sounds, duh.

6. Coffee

“Don’t talk to me in the morning until I have my coffee!”, said every millennial ever. Coffee has always been an object of great love and passion from people, as well as a part of their daily routines. Now, however, you don’t just drink coffee to get the caffeine boost, or to suppress hunger, or because you like it – you drink it because EVERYONE does. Coffee is not just a drink, it’s a lifestyle.

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10 Signs You Are A Millennial

7. Hashtags

One of the languages millennials speak nowadays are hashtags. Because those #likes ain’t gonna come themselves #duh!


8. Slang

if a millennial is told something funny, they will reply with a “LOL!” or “LMAO” which will make a Baby-Boomer raise their eyebrow and ask what does that mean. Your everyday vocabulary consists of such words like lol, af, brb, lmao, tbh, and so much more.

9. You are not rushing to marry

You embrace your independence and take your time to actually settle down and build your own life first.  Being “single” is not considered a bad thing like it did before, and that is awesome!

10. You miss the old days

Yeah, its all cool and stuff, technology is fun, but you remember that feeling of coming back home from school and turning on TV to watch Nickelodeon. Or when you actually used to go outside with your friends to PLAY and spend some time outside. Ah, those glorious days.


Regardless of what other generations have to say, being a millennial is still honestly really great – I mean, when else would you possibly be able to take a million of selfies and spend an hour choosing the best one? What a time to be alive!

Can you share any more signs that tell whether or not a person is a millennial? Comment down below.

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