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10 Signs You Are A BC Kid

10 Signs You Are A BC Kid

10 Signs You Are A BC Kid

Shout out to all the British Columbians out there – this is for you, BC kids! As the most western province, there are just some things that bring every BC kid together. Whether you’re from the Island, the Greater Vancouver area, or even up North, you just can’t take the BC out of the kid!

1. Everything Seems ‘Flat’ To You

Skiing, boarding, you name it – if it’s on a ‘mountain’ and not in BC, you’re laughing. Alberta can put up a fight, but the other provinces? Please. Looking around wherever you go and NOT seeing mighty mountains watching over you everywhere you go is a lot for us BC kids to get used to. Seriously – the rest of Canada is flat!

2. You Miss The Smell Of Ocean Air

All someone has to do is MENTION the ocean and you’re in daydream land. That salty, rich scent of the Pacific is something you really miss. Hey, how can you tell if you’re in a room with BC kids? All you gotta do is say the phrase ‘I miss the ocean’ and see who responds! It’s US!


3. You Recycle and Compost More Than Your Friends

You really take green living to heart. Composting and recycling is something you’ve grown up with, and you know it’s an easy way to make a difference for Mother Earth. And yes, you definitely encourage all your non-BC kid friends to do the same!

4. You Yearn To Have Another Pirate Pak

O. M. G. Dare I say more? Truly, the most elegant food receptacle Canada has ever seen. Each individual compartment fit your meal perfectly, and the golden chocolate coin was a prize like no other. Plus, the fact that you got to wear the ship as a HAT??? I mean, come on.

5. You Know What To Do In Case Of A Bear

You can bet on your lucky stars that us BC kids know what to do in case of a bear! Black bear, Grizzly bear, you name it, we know what to do. We’ve all seen one too – ask any of us!


6. …And For ‘The Big One’

Ah yes. Hiding under your desk  a couple times a year, counting together as a class, and having some ridiculous noise blasted over the PA happened all throughout your elementary/high school career in preparation for it. Your family might have even had earthquake evacuation kits. Hey man, living alon the Juan De Fuca fault line is serious stuff.

7. Whenever A Movie/TV Show Was Filmed In BC, You HAVE To Point It Out

And you can probably list a couple off the top of your head. Isn’t it frustrating how it’s ALWAYS passed off as another AMERICAN city? Don’t get me riled up.

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8. You Miss The Cherry Blossoms

If you are a BC kid living out of province, this is really a heartbreaker. Walking around in early spring, when all the trees are have beautiful, light pink blossoms, makes one feel proud to be from this province. The trees bloom so quickly and leave so suddenly, but is honestly such a magical time to be a BC kid.

9. You Don’t Use Umbrellas

Umbrellas are for losers who can’t take the rain. You might not even really own a proper rain jacket. If you’re a BC kid, you’re never defeated by the rain, unlike the rest of Canada. You know there’s many stages of rain, and you don’t bat an eye at any of them. After all, as we all know, rain is JUST WATER.

10. You’re Particular About Your Sushi

Especially if you’re from Vancouver, you know the value of good sushi. You probably have a favourite spot that you would go 20 minutes out of your way to get to. When you’re in other parts of Canada, you avoid it. As we all know – it’s never as cheap and it’s never as fresh as what you can get in BC! And the SALMON quality? Don’t even get us started.


Are you a BC kid living out of province? Did you identify with this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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