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20 Signs You Go To The University Of Toronto

Educating more than 75 thousand students a year and publishing a variety of research papers and studies, it is obvious that the University of Toronto maintains its credibility as one of the best schools in Canada. Although incredibly demanding but hopefully also rewarding, all students have a list of shared experiences unique only themselves and to their UofT colleague. Here are 20 signs that you go to the University of Toronto (St. George Campus). See how many you identify with!

1. You have a love/hate relationship with the university

There are days that you marvel at the fortune and privilege of going to the prestigious school. On other days however, your spirits are crushed by the pressure and expectations UofT has of your work. 

2. You can travel at warp speed in order to get to your classes on time

If Google Maps says it takes 15 minutes to get there, you know you can make it in fewer than ten. 

3. No matter where you are, you automatically run on UofT time

Everything starts at 10 after, does it not?

4. Even after your third year, you will still get lost on your way to class

It’s no mystery that the campus grounds are huge. Every year you seem to discover new pathways that can lead you to unknown school territory.


5. Classroom temperatures are unpredictable

In order to feel comfortable in class, you have to either dress like you are in a tropical rainforest (aka Sidney Smith) or in the Canadian tundra – otherwise known as Bahen Centre.

6. You have had to defend your lunch from a squirrel at least once

You are more afraid of them than they are of you! They just don’t mind the presence of humans at all. 

7. You have taken at least one course in your student career that is completely irrelevant to your major.

Those breath requirements are a pain to everybody! Hopefully you haven’t waited until fourth year to complete them! 

8. You have written complete nonsense on at least one of your midterms/exams

Despite your intense studying for an entire week, there still remains that one midterm/exam that ignores all of your lectures and readings and instead, tests your ability at improvisation and fictional writing.


9. Multiple choice tests are the worst!

When you start seeing patterns you freak out. Four “C’s” in a row, one has to be wrong.

10. Robarts Library

You know what I mean…

11. You have imagined that you go to Hogwarts at least once

An active imagination and the UofT buildings are enough to transport students into the world of magic. We even have a Quidditch team!  

12. You know of at least one movie that was filmed on campus

I guess the magic of the movie is broken when you recognize Con Hall or UC on the screens backdrop.

13. You feared for your life walking through Queens Park by yourself at night

The lack of street lamps and quite ambiance can scare anybody! Even with a walking buddy, its better to completely avoid the area during the night. 

14. You are always expected to be in class, no matter what the weather is like

What is a snow day? Despite all other schools and public transit being shut down, the university will insist on you showing up to class. 

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15. University College, you just get lost in there

The corridors of this college are like a labyrinth. Just hope that you won’t have to write an exam in here!


16. You have photo-bombed countless weddings

Although it may not be appealing for most students enrolled in the university, the school grounds are popular to marrying couples. It is likely you have interrupted more than one romantic moment on your way to class. 

17. You’ve used your Engineering friends computer lab to print your assignments for free at least once.

You would think that after paying $8000+ a year on school tuition, students would have access to free printing. For most students in the Arts and Science department however, that is not the case. If you are lucky enough, you have that one engineering friend who allows you to abuse their printing privileges in their labs. Thank you engineering!

18. You feel completely stupid in all of your classes

The mere presence of your professors and brilliant ideas and potential of your classmates will make you question your very existence in the world.


19. But when you leave the campus you realize that you are actually super smart

However, when you are outside of the academic setting, you are surprised at how much you have learned and can contribute to your non-university counterparts.

20. Despite all of your struggles, you are still glad that you are a student at this school

Even though we don’t like to admit, all UofT students are proud to have studied and graduated from this school. You cannot imagine yourself to have gone anywhere else.

What are other signs that you go to the University of Toronto? Comment below!
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Livia Rrokaj

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