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Short Hairstyles For Women To Rock This Summer

Short Hairstyles For Women To Rock This Summer

Short Hairstyles For Women To Rock This Summer

All of us love our long hair but sometimes, they can be quite bothersome especially in the midst of the summer season. Once the high 30’s hit, hair bands or scrunchies become the most important accessories in our handbags as they liberate our neck from the sweltering shadows. For some people, this may gradually become an inconvenience which is why they opt for shorter hairstyles in the summer. Even though long hair is more versatile when it comes to styling, there are also numerous short hairstyles that still project the same amount of elegance and edge. Here are eight hairstyles that you must try this upcoming summer season!

1. Straight Lob

Silky and refined, this hairstyle is ideal for those who may get a long hair hangover. The straight lob has a length that falls just by the shoulders and has more layering in the back. Considered one of the most versatile, the haircut perfectly frames the face and is suitable for most face shapes.


2. Textured Asymmetrical Cut

For a haircut that exhibits variety, the textured asymmetrical cut is a great option. The asymmetry gives your face elegant angles and contours.  The texture or mini waves adds sufficient volume to create some statement. This is an ideal go-to party hair in the summer season!

3. Curly Shoulder Cut

If textures or waves don’t do it for you, then why not go for the curls? This hairstyle provides solid volume like no other and also helps add width to the face. In addition, curls give enough statement and pesronality therefore prepping or styling could be minimal. Can you say “I woke up like this?”


4. Side Swept Crop

Exposing more skin, the side swept crop is more ideal for summer compared to shoulder length haircuts. It may also require less maintenance and prepping. However, just because it’s shorter, it doesn’t mean its style potential is limited! The side swept provides enough volume to create a statement and coordinates well with any summer look or outfit.


5. Undercut Pixie

If adding volume doesn’t suffice to exhibit personality, then go slightly more ambitious and shave the sides off! The undercut pixie is a complete “bad-ass” look and provides a fresh and cool feeling during those hot summer days. However, maintenance for this haircut is more frequent as you may need to go to the salon every two weeks to retain the shaved sides.

6. Textured Shoulder Cut with Bangs

She bangs, she bangs! Fringe has the ability to draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones while covering less desirable features such as an irregular hairline or forehead creases. However, like undercuts, bangs must be maintained frequently. Fringe and waves together tend to change significantly change an individual’s appearance but in a very good way!

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7. Messy Pixie Cut

This hairstyle is on par with the undercut in terms of cool and chic factors. The only advantage is the prepping time which is a lot less! The disadvantage however is its vulnerability and can easily get destroyed when it rains. Just make sure to put enough hairspray or hair mousse to keep the style’s wackiness throughout the day!


8. Rounded Bob with Bangs

Thanks to Anna Wintour and other A-list celebrities, this haircut is gradually becoming popular. The rounded edge with the bangs immediately frames the face therefore you must ensure to pamper your face real good. The silky and straight properties also provide a level of sophistication and elegance, making this look appropriate in the office or for dressy occasions.


Which one of these haircuts have you tried before? Tell us below!

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