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Sex In Public Spaces: To Do or Not to Do?

Sex In Public Spaces: To Do or Not to Do?

Sex In Public Spaces: To Do or Not to Do?

Whether you have done it or not, sex in public spaces remains a widely popular fantasy. To do, or not to do: that is the question. Whether you’ve never done this before and you’re thinking about it, or you’re NOT thinking about it but your partner IS… this is for you. For pros and novices alike, here is everything you need to know about sex in public spaces:

Sex in… Public Spaces?

If you’ve never done this (or if you’re trying to introduce this idea to someone who has never done this), you might end up facing the big question:

“But why do people have sex in public spaces?”

The answer is simple. People have sex in public spaces because they find the danger exhilarating. People enjoy being out of their own comfort zones when it comes to sexy times because they know that out of the ordinary moment will be memorable forever.


But while DANGER is a big turn-on for most people, you must keep a strategy in mind. Just because danger is part of the thrill does not change the fact there’s a lot to lose if you get caught.

If you and your partner get caught having sex in public, you might face all sorts of legal or financial repercussions, depending on your location. So it’s a considerably good idea to avoid having sex in places you’re likely to get caught, such as your office or your school. If people happen to walk in, no matter how fast you run, chances are someone is going to recognize you and will be able to pursue consequences.

That being said, make sure to always keep in mind that sex in public spaces is not the same as sex in public. You still want to make sure no one sees you AT ALL.

Here are some ideas of common (not so risky) locations for sex in public spaces:

1. Pool

Pools are a great option, especially at nighttime. They are clean, well-maintained, and sexy. People like to do that in hotel pools right before they close. I highly recommend avoiding sex in the ocean, pond, or river – as you might get diseases.

Sex In Public Spaces: To Do or Not to Do?

2. Windows WIDE Open

A great option for first-timers who are not willing to go fully out of their comfort zone just yet, some people like to have sex in their hotel room or apartment with their windows wide open. The reason they enjoy the thrill is that they feel admired, given that anyone could be watching them, for any period of time.

Sex In Public Spaces: To Do or Not to Do?

3. Car

Parked cars might not feel like a public space, but they are, because anyone could see it through the windows. People enjoy having sex in their car because it usually brings back high school memories, as well as a feeling of wanderlust. With that in mind, if you do choose to have sex in a parked car, make sure it’s in a not-so-busy area (i.e.: condo garage), and make sure to stick to the back seat – since you might get spotted by the police if you do it on the front seat.

Sex In Public Spaces: To Do or Not to Do?

4. Airplane

This is definitely the most popular spot, but the thing with airplane sex is that you’ve got to be sneaky. Late night flights are best, because there’s not a bunch of people, and the flight attendants tend to mind their own business. While the restroom is more private, it’s still riskier, since the flight attendants generally keep an eye there, for security reasons. If you can’t do it in the restrooms, there’s always the option of hand stuff under the blankets.

Sex In Public Spaces: To Do or Not to Do?

5. Park

Last, but not least, it’s both the safest and the riskiest suggestion: parks, at nighttime. If you know the park and the area, it’s a great idea to find a tree, bring a blanket (maybe even a picnic basket for later) and have sex there. However, you must remember to watch out for your safety first!

Sex In Public Spaces: To Do or Not to Do?

Suggestions & Cautions

I can’t stress this enough, but BE SAFE!!! Don’t risk your life or your partner’s life by going to actually dangerous places for the sake of exhibitionism. Avoid illegal activities, and familiarize yourself with the local laws and regulations. Know what to expect! Other than that… have fun!

How do you feel about sex in public spaces? Have you tried it? Let me know in the comments!

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