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10 Sex Blogs And Podcasts You Should Subscribe To

Sex blogs are my newest obsession. I can’t get enough of them! I like sex blogs because they give you the sex ed you wish you had in high school, as well as some hilarious entertainment and VERY important discussions. The thing with sex ed, though, is that while it can be very beneficial, it can also be super damaging if taught with the wrong mindset and a lack of information. Many sex blogs have a tendency to focus all their attention towards hetero sex, and quite a few of them treat female reproductive health as less important. That’s why I decided to compile a list of the most sex-positive, judgement-free, inclusive, entertaining and educational sex blogs I know of!

These blogs are fun because while talking about sex, sexuality and everything around it, they also talk about cocktail recipes, sex toys, stereotypes, taboos, HILARIOUS personal experiences, disturbing personal experiences, interviews, special guests, fan letters, debriefings — and even dramatic reading with commentary. You’re guaranteed to have a good time with these blogs:

1. Cara Sutra

“My multi award-winning and popular sex blog is home to thousands of sexuality articles, from sex tips and buyer’s guides to opinion pieces and my Stampy Pants Rants. You can also enjoy reading over 2,000 adult product & sex toy reviews, written by both myself and the Pleasure Panel community. My aim is to provide a fun, informative and educational sex blog. I hope you enjoy your visit.”

Check out these suggestions:

2. Project Pleasure

“Anouszka and Frankie are putting the pleasure back in to safe sex and healthy relationships every second Monday of the month. Tackling subjects you should have been – but probably weren’t – taught at school, each month we’ll get a Good Debriefing from industry experts, hear moving real-life stories in Switching Positions, and cringe at each others’ pursuits of pleasure in Real Talk.”

Check out these suggestions:

3. Slutty Girls Problems

“We reflect the modern day woman’s sex, dating, and relationship experiences with a twist of humour. We share expert advice and educated information through our articles, guides, and reviews. We inspire and empower women to feel confident, take control, and discuss their sex lives openly, without shame, judgment, or double standards.”

Check out these suggestions:

4. CockTales: Dirty Discussions

“CockTales: Dirty Discussions is hosted by Kiki Said So and Medinah Monroe. Both women are in different stages of their love lives; one single and one in a serious long term relationship. The women give uncensored accounts about their sex and dating lives, relationships, and what it’s really like to navigate the sea of love in Atlanta. On CockTales, the ladies gather over great drinks and discuss the latest happenings in their sexual experiences dating lives.”

Check out these suggestions:

5. Hey Epiphora

“I mostly write sex toy reviews (and give away my favourites), but I also muse about the latest and greatest and worst fails of the adult industry, chronicle my porn-filled jack-off sessions, give behind-the-scenes peeks into my life as a sex toy reviewer, answer reader questions, publish an annual best/worst list, write the occasional guide, post the occasional video, and tweet like a fiend.”

Check out these suggestions:

6. Guys We F****d

“Each week, Corinne Fisher & Krystyna Hutchinson (together known as the comedy duo Sorry About Last Night) interview a gentleman they slept with. Some they made love to, some they had sex with a few times and some they f****d in a hotel bathroom…er, what? Corinne & Krystyna want to make the world a more sex-positive place…one candid story of intercourse at a time.”

Check out these suggestions:

7. Sex and Psychology

“Sex and Psychology was created in order to share the science of sex, love, and relationships in a way that is both engaging and accessible. This is not a personal, opinion-based blog; rather, each article on here is rooted in science and actually cites the original research sources. The goal is for readers to learn responsible information about sex and relationships and to correct the numerous myths and misconceptions that actively harm our sexual health and well-being.”

Check out these suggestions:

See Also

8. My Dad Wrote A Porno

“Imagine if your Dad wrote a dirty book. Most people would try to ignore it and pretend it had never happened – but not Jamie Morton. Instead, he’s decided to read it to the world in this brand new comedy podcast. With the help of his friends, James Cooper and BBC Radio 1’s Alice Levine, Jamie will be reading a brand new chapter every Monday and discovering more about his father than he ever bargained for…”

Check out these suggestions:

9. Sugarbutch

“Queer sex, kink, gender, and relationships by Sinclair Sexsmith. Sugarbutch was started in April, 2006 and received many awards, and has been highly regarded as one of the highest ranking sex blogs online.”

Check out these suggestions:

10. Inner Hoe Uprising

“A smart & funny podcast about sex, love, and dating from 4 black feminist 20 somethings living in NYC.”

Check out these suggestions:

If you haven’t watched Netflix’s Sexual Education, you probably should stop everything you’re doing and watch it. If you haven’t checked out my top 10 favourite sex blogs, you definitely should stop everything you’re doing and check them!

Are there any other sex blogs you enjoy? Let me know in the comments!

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Laura Faria

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