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10 Secret Spots In Oakville, ON Totally Worth Checking Out

10 Secret Spots In Oakville, ON Totally Worth Checking Out

If you're looking for the best spots in Oakville, look no further than these top 10 spots!

While hidden behind that of the big city of Toronto, Oakville has a couple hidden gems most people would drive from afar to see. Here’s a breakdown of the best places that are a must visit!

1. Gairloch Gardens

Surrounded by beautiful flowers and landscaping, this truly is a hidden gem in Oakville. The picturesque scenery makes it the perfect place to enjoy during any season. Gairloch Gardens is home to Oakville galleries and is located directly on the shores of Lake Ontario. With such rich history dating all the way back to the early 1920s, the gorgeous atmosphere is something you won’t want to miss.

10 Secret Spots in Oakville, ON Totally Worth Checking Out


2. Lion’s Valley Park

In all the hustle and bustle of the busy city, Lion’s Valley Park offers peacefulness and bliss in a massive forest surrounded by nature. The beautiful and calming atmosphere is a great place for fishing, hiking, and even to have a picnic. As a favourite walking destination of many, it’s also a great place for your children. Not only will they get to experience a fantastic hiking route, but there’s a play area for them at the end of the walk. Nothing could be more serene than this hidden gem in Oakville.

3. Bronte Heritage Park

If you’re looking for the perfect place by the lake that’s romantic, fun for the kids, and enjoyable then look no further than Bronte Heritage Park. The gorgeous scenic pier connects to a Marina that delivers the perfect walking experience along the waterfront. Adding to the experience are weekly Jazz concerts that are free for all to enjoy during the summer months. The heart of Bronte is an integral part of Oakville.

10 Secret Spots in Oakville, ON Totally Worth Checking Out


4. Plank Restobar

Along the lake, there are many places that can catch your eye, but there are none like Plank Restobar. This hidden gem in Oakville has amazing food, a friendly staff, an inviting crowd, and the perfect view to enjoy while experiencing new item menus continuously throughout the seasons. A view of the harbour is seen through the large restaurant windows and the porch seating offered per your request. After an incredible meal, you take a stroll down the harbour and see the beauty of the lake.

5. Tribeca

A gorgeous café in the heart of Oakville offers the best coffee inspired from New York. While capturing your attention with the individualistic experience they offer, there are amazing treats, an influential and artsy crowd, and the perfect atmosphere in historic downtown Oakville. This indie coffee shop is a must on your trip to Oakville.

6. Bru

This pub-style restaurant offers the best selection of craft beer in the city. While supporting over 15 Ontario breweries and premium imports, they provide six taps and thirty bottles that offers something for everyone. Their great atmosphere and friendly service create the perfect place to go for lunch or dinner while staying open 7 days a week. While their beer is the main attraction they have an incredible selection of food, including gluten-free options!


10 Secret Spots in Oakville, ON Totally Worth Checking Out

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7. Narrow Escape Entertainment

The best place to go to in Oakville for entertainment and fun. Offering their immersive and fun escape rooms, they offer some of the best in Ontario! The friendly staff is always easy to talk to and will help you with whatever you need during your escape room experience. The owner provides a fantastic selection of escape rooms that vary on difficulty levels and will help you find the best one for you! This hidden gem in Oakville is a must visit for anyone!


8. Oakville Museum at Erchless Estate

While many people can get caught up in the many things Oakville has to offer, the Oakville Museum at the Erchless Estate is a way to bring back a little bit of the city’s history. While the Erchless Estate was once home to Oakville’s founding family, it is now a community museum for all to enjoy. A magnificent view, beautiful buildings, grounds, and gardens offer a breathtaking experience as well as a learning one. The museum offers guided tours of the Chisholm family home, changing exhibitions, and special events and programs. With free general admission, it’s even more difficult to avoid one of the most beautiful places in Oakville.

10 Secret Spots in Oakville, ON Totally Worth Checking Out

9. Five Drive-In Theatre

Dating all the way back to the 1960s, 5 Drive-In is a blast from the past. Bring your family and friends and enjoy the five large screens they have to offer. With top movies you’re sure to enjoy, there’s always a wide selection to choose from. Pets permitted, a park for children to enjoy before the show, and Thursday deals allowing a car full for only $20! There’s something for everyone from April to December.


10. Putting Edge

This small hidden gem in Oakville is mixed into a plaza of many things to do. Something that is easy to miss in the hustle and bustle of the busy area. Putting Edge is a glow in the dark mini golf course with 18 holes. Offering many different themes including oceans, jungle, and outer space it’s fun for the kids and for your inner child as well!

If you’ve visited any of these hidden gems in Oakville, let us know! Comment and tell us your favourite spots in Oakville!
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