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10 Ryerson University Instagrammers You Must Follow

10 Ryerson University Instagrammers You Must Follow

10 Ryerson University Instagrammers You Must Follow

Ryerson University is known for enriching so many creative minds, and its students are fabulous at expressing themselves through visual forms of art. Perhaps you like scrolling through photos of food, makeup, fashion, or landscapes. Well, if you’re looking to spice up your Instagram feed, check out this list of talented Ryerson University Instagrammers!

1. @emilybaettaglini

Emily is a photography student. If you like urban fashion and photos of city lifestyle, this is the Instagram for you. Emily is also an advocate for self-love. She’ll inspire you have a positive view of yourself and see your greatest potential.



2. @jessicailam

Jessica is a media production student. She blogs on her own blog about fashion, beauty, and Toronto lifestyle. Make sure you follow her Instagram to get promo codes for a bunch of different cool things!



3. @amandaskrabucha

Amanda is a journalism student. She’s a fashion blogger with a flawless Instagram account. She’ll fill your feed with runway fashion and shots from around Toronto.



4. @pollysydney

Polly is a communications student. If you’re ever in need of outfit ideas, this Instagram is the one for you. Make sure you also check out her Tumblr for more fashion inspiration!



5. @lisatmmarsh

Lisa is an architecture grad. Her Instagram is the perfect mix of urban city and nostalgic country shots. I guarantee you’ll be scrolling through it until you reach the very end!


6. @liciaak

Alicia is an architecture student. Check out this cool chick’s travel pics. They’ll make you want to take the next flight to one of the world’s most exotic locations.



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7. @alinaobykova

Alina is a journalism student. Fill your feed with some of her unique shots of the city! This Instagrammer has a talent for making the simplest things look great on camera.



8. @colelegree

Cole is a photography student. If you’re looking for some breathtaking shots, look no further because his photographs are absolutely stunning!



9. @rebeccabentolilaphoto

Rebecca is a photography student. Follow her daily journey on Instagram. It’s so interesting to see how much a person sees and how much their life develops in just one year. Sometimes, the ordinary is what’s interesting.


10. @briannacooze

Brianna is an English grad student. Looking through her Instagram pictures is like taking a tour around the city. Why would I ever step outside again?



Who are your favorite Ryerson University Instagrammers? Comment below and share the article!
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