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15 Restaurants You Can Afford In Toronto Even If You’re Broke AF

15 Restaurants You Can Afford In Toronto Even If You’re Broke AF

Toronto is home to plenty of food, ranging across all types and prices. Here are a few affordable restaurants in Toronto even if you're broke AF!

Toronto is home to a plethora of wonderful food options, ranging across all types of cuisine. However, a lot of these restaurants can be expensive, and most of us can’t afford brunch at the Drake Hotel every weekend, or dinner at Kasa Moto on a regular basis. Don’t worry- that doesn’t mean you can’t experience all the delicious food Toronto has to offer- here are a few affordable restaurants in Toronto even if you’re broke AF!

Let’s start with the most important meal of the day, breakfast!

1. Future’s Bistro

Not only is everything on the breakfast menu under $10, but students get a 20% discount from 8am- midnight Monday through to Friday. Note: breakfast is served ALL day!

2. Aunties & Uncles

The most expensive option on this menu is only $9.25, but cash only- which means if you take out a $20 bill at the bank, you’ll be able to buy at LEAST two meals (for yourself, obviously).


3. KOS

This spot is a little bit more expensive than the other breakfast options on this list, but that’s to be expected since it is in Kensington. You can still get Eggs Benny and other options for less than $10- just make sure you don’t order a mimosa!

4.Crepe it Up

If you’re looking for something sweet, this is a great, cheap option. You can also decide how much you want to spend, as a basic crepe with two items is under $5, but you can also add some more if you want to treat yourself!

5. Over Easy

Over Easy is probably the most expensive breakfast option on this list, but you can get some really unique items, like the ‘Breakfast Poutine, or ‘The Eggstro’, so if you have a few extra dollars, check out one of it’s two locations!



Since you’ve saved some money on breakfast, maybe you can even afford a lunch!

1. Fresh

You might be surprised that this is on the list- but you can definitely get a few items on the menu that are DELICIOUS and cheap, such as the sandwich and soup combo. They also have a student discount on pick-up, where you can save 15%! Just stay away from their juices, no matter how good they taste and make you feel.

2. AKA

This is a great place to go for lunch, because they have a cash-only lunch special. You’ll get some gyozas, and select a main from the options available for less than $10.


3. Big Sushi

This is one of the best sushi restaurants on the cheap, because the quality of the food is still really good. Their lunch special runs from 12-5pm, so you could even make this an early dinner. You can get a combo for less than $7, which comes with miso soup and a salad.

4. Daddy O’s

Keep this one for the weekend- there is NO TAX on Saturdays, and you can get half portions (which is often plenty of food)!

5. Sandwich Box

Sure, $10 seems like a lot for a sandwich, but trust us- these custom sandwiches are really filling. It also comes with a small side salad, and by the end you’ll definitely be full.

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Now, for one of the most popular meals to go out for: Dinner!

1. El Furniture Warehouse

You should already know this one, but we can’t get over that everything on their food menu is $4.95!!!! If you don’t want to spend too much money, just don’t order many drinks (hard, we know).


2. The Madison Avenue Pub

The Maddy has daily specials, and a brand new ‘Taco Tuesday’, but we suggest you visit the Maddy on the first Tuesday of each month. It’s Retro Roll Back night, where there are food AND drink specials starting at $3.50.

3. Za Pizzeria

Although there aren’t many places to sit, Za is a great pizza option, as you can choose to get half a pizza (or two halves of two different flavours!). It might be more expensive than Dominoes, but it is also considerably more delicious!

4. Veda

Unlike many Indian restaurants, the food at Veda is not full of oil or sodium. There are also some great vegetarian options, like Butter Tofu! You can get different sized curry bowls for as low as $8.


5. Seven Lives

Who isn’t constantly craving a taco? All of the tacos at Seven Lives (their specialty) are $5 or less, and the portions are pretty generous. They also try their best to accommodate to dietary restrictions. You’ll almost always find a lineup, which goes to show how yummy the food is!

Do you have any go-to affordable restaurants in Toronto? Let us know in the comments!
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