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10 Restaurants To Go On A Summer Date In Montreal

It’s summer time in Montreal and you know what that means – summer dates! Not only is Montreal one of the most beautiful cities in the summer time, but summer time is seriously the best time to be in this city (I’s no longer -30 so…)! Looking for a little summer loving? Here are 10 of the best restaurants to go out on a summer date. Take your SO, or even one of your tinder matches to any of these restaurants, and you are sure to impress! As it is patio season in the summer, some of these places are the perfect place to stop and just have a summer patio drink! Try these spots for a cute summer evening date!

1. Dinette Triple Crown

This is just the place to have an adorable summer date with your SO. Dinette Triple Crown, located in the Mile End, is close to many parks – which is good, because their fried chicken picnic basket is exactly what you need do have a romantic, yet casual summer date!

2. Bar Henrietta

Not only does Bar Henrietta have a lovely summer patio that is just the place for a summer date, but their selection of small plates food and drinks are just lovely for a chill summer date. You could spend hours here chit chatting, or just get a couple snacks and a round of drinks, before moving on to some sexy time.

3. Cinéma Moderne

This cool bar is also a movie theatre that serves some food! A really unique summer date, you can grab a couple drinks together, have a bite to eat, and then go see a movie – all in the same space!

4. Agrikol

Agrikol is a very trendy rum bar with Haitian food that is just the place for your next summer date! Not only does the food and drink have summer flavours totally written all over it, but Agrikol often turns into a place to dance in the evenings – just the thing to make your night together a little more sexy.

5. Majestique

Located on St. Laurent street in the Plateau, Majestique is another summer date spot that has a beautiful open patio – just the place to grab a drink with your SO! On top of having tasty cocktails, Majestique has delectable small plates, and a huge selection of oysters! Oh so summery!

6. Jatoba

This sushi restaurant is a little more expensive, but its totally worth it for such a good summer date! The light and delicate flavours of sushi in such a beautiful space like Jatoba will be a totally memorable date night!

7. Reservoir

If you are a beer loving couple, Reservoir is the summer date spot for you! Take your dates here to try a selection of delicious craft beer for a cheap price, and also, for a funky dinner! Reservoir has a number of small plates dishes that change all the time, and use all the flavours of the season, so your summer dates will feature summer flavours!

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8. La Capital

This cool Mexican spot located in Montreal’s China Town is the perfect place to go on some big group summer dates! With lots of space, and a menu that is basically made for sharing, all your summer dates here will be soon delicious!

9. HÀ Mont-Royal

This asian fusion restaurant, on Mont-Royal, is just the place for your summer dates. With a large patio, you can have a romantic date outside, and with the cool, urban space inside, you can have a whole other experience! Enjoy a delish and fresh meal with your summer date!

10. Noren

This little Japanese spot in the Plateau is sooooo yummy! It’s a tiny space, and the opening hours a little erratic, but the flavours of the food, in such an intimate dining place is just the thing you need for your next summer date!

Which of these Montreal restaurants are you going to take your summer honey to? Let us know in the comments below!

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Hannah Murray

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