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15 Cutest Restaurants To Go On A BFF Date In Toronto

So if you stumbled upon this article, chances are you have a BFF and you both like cute restaurants. With bright and airy spaces, fun themed restaurants, eateries with quirky decor and old-school breakfast spots, these are some of the top places to go. Here are the 15 cutest restaurants to go on a bff date in Toronto!

1. COO Café Bread or Rice – 1049 Bloor St W

COO Café has nice bright white walls, colourful chairs and a chalkboard menu listing the available desserts, as well as amazing food! This restaurant serves Japanese cooking combined with a European menu. COO has amazing brunch specials as well as daily meals. You’ll find the brunch menu handwritten on a sheet of baking parchment in a neat, cute script. Small pieces of art lean on shelves along the walls, and it’s the perfect spot for catching up with friends.

2. Banu – 777 Queen St W

Banu is the place to go for good Persian food without all the stuffy rugs and dim lighting. The small space on Queen West is bright and airy, with pops of colour from the unique bar stools to the blue tiled tabletops. The entrance is lined by ornate pedestal stools topped by plushy cushions. There are shelves stocked with Coke in glass bottles and various interesting items. Oh, and did I mention the amazing food? If you’re used to pasta and dry chicken, your taste buds will go on a path of discovery with all the different flavour combinations. Some tang from sumac, tartness from barberry, and aromatic barbari bread will have you feeling like you’re in heaven.


3. La Bohème – 2481 Yonge St

This is a classic café with a patio and cozy backyard vibes. Who needs average Starbucks or Aroma when you can have real food in such a cute spot? With classic sandwiches and quiches, as well as the usual coffee drinks and pastries, there will be no disappointment. Indoor seating for people-watching is pretty great too


4. Café Cancan – 89 Harbord St

This new French food spot is pretty in pink. Think French bistro vibes but inundated in pastel hues. Apparently the word “cancan” used to mean scandal? This will be your new favourite place to share juicy gossip with your BFF, as well as take photos every few metres.


5. School Resto – 70 Fraser Ave

You guessed it – this popular brunch spot is all about that school theme. With walls lined by classic clocks to lights shaded by graded papers, it’ll be sure to make you nostalgic for school days. Now if only the principal’s office included bacon cheddar burgers and extra credit fries in real life. Expect a long line on weekends, as well as a chance that your maple syrup or drink comes in a beaker.

6. Petit Potato – 10 Ravel Rd #1-2

Do not be fooled – this place serves so much more than just potatoes. In fact, I am pretty sure they don’t even have potatoes on the menu. Known mostly for their gargantuan dessert toast stacks, their dessert menu is extensive. They offer a variety of Japanese, Korean and Chinese dishes. What’s best about this place? Their booths are intimate, with wooden beams forming small roofs over each one. Spoons are shaped like spades, and forks like pitchforks. What more do you need?

7. Poop Café – 706 Bloor St W

Okay so this one might not be for the faint of heart – this poop-themed café is full of unique ideas, such as serving food in toilet shaped bowls. There are equally cute toilet-bowl and urinal shaped mugs. There are toilets as seats (but with actual seats, don’t worry). Whether you like it or not is up to you.


8. Charidise – 27 Baldwin St

Taiwanese eateries are known to be cute, and this one is no exception. But do you know what’s really adorable? The fact that everyone gets an apple with their rice or noodle dish. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? Oh, and there are CN Tower views on their upper level for photos to remind everyone that you do indeed live in the 6ix. There are classic bubble tea drinks and more, in addition to their mouthwatering menu.


9. STAY Cafeteria – 388 Spadina Ave

Need a place to bunker down and study with your BFF? Or get some quality catching-up time? This is the place to settle down and stay (yes, bad pun intended). Generous portions of delicious shaved ice are perfect for sharing, and there are lots of drinks for sipping while you chat away.


10. La Cubana – 392 Roncesvalles Ave and 92 Ossington Ave

Have you ever been to a Cuban diner before? Well, La Cubana is the place to go if you’re looking for one. Pretty printed paper menus double as place mats, and colourful tiles line the floors at both locations. Try their classic Cubano Sandwich, or one of their Cuban Plates! Yummy food accompanied by decor in the happiest colours makes for the best experience.

11. Star King – 2350 Yonge St

Star King Viet Thai Cuisine is cute in a different way from all the other eateries on this list. Its eclectic mix of old chandeliers and statues and art gives it a unique vibe that I keep going back for. Their noodles are just the right thing on a cold winter day, and the convenient location near Eglinton Station makes it great for quick chats with old friends.

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12. Khao San Road – 11 Charlotte St

Good food at a good price, with a wall of amazing tiles! The mish-mash of patterns is almost dizzying, but aesthetically pleasing at the same time. The menu is full of Thai dishes. Some of them have become my favourite comfort foods. The great thing is that the spiciness level is customized to your choice! There are vegan and gluten-free menus too, so all your friends can come! Just one thing: no reservations.


13. Caplansky’s Delicatessen – 356 College St, 156 Cumberland Ave, and Terminal 3 at Pearson International Airport

This deli is the place to go for all day breakfast. Who needs greasy big chain restaurants when there’s Caplansky’s? Smoked meat and latkes are all you need to fuel a good day with your BFF. Major cuteness points goes towards their merchandise, including a colouring book, and also their own mustard (accompanied by the best labels ever). Go see for yourself!


14. United Bakers Dairy Restaurant – 506 Lawrence Ave W

This legendary spot is where the locals go for breakfast. The establishment has been serving simple, but good food for more than a hundred years now. Although it’s no longer in its original location, this spot at Lawrence and Bathurst is cute in the way most people find old couples cute; there’s just something endearing about it. The coffee never runs dry, and when you do decide to leave, make sure to stop by the front counter to bring a pastry or two home.

15. Uncle Betty’s Diner – 2590 Yonge St

This friendly neighbourhood diner has all the essentials of a diner to meet your breakfast and brunch needs. What’s most important is their famous ice-cream sandwiches. These sandwiches are made with Greg’s or Kawartha’s Dairy ice cream, sat pretty between two halves of their famous doughnuts. You might not want to share that, not even with your BFF.


Now what are you waiting for? Message your BFF (or all your BFFs) and plan a date! Try something new. Use food as the springboard for a fun day adventure, and explore a different part of the city! Take photos and make memories.

What are your favorite restaurants to go on BFF dates in Toronto!? Share in the comments below!

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