The Ultimate Relationship Guide For College Students

College is the time for new experiences; there are so many opportunities, no parental supervision, and you are pretty much expected to be on your own. It’s normal to want to experience everything in college and that is the time to do it. College is the time to experiment with your personality and your relationships, and that process is incredibly important to your development as a person. That is how you gain life experience and end up having stories to tell. Being in a relationship during your University years can be difficult and overwhelming to balance with all of the excitement going on around you, but they can really help you get through the four years of self-discovery. So here is a relationship guide to help you navigate relationships during college, because we all deserve to have a little fun and a little sanity during the craziness that is college.

1. Don’t rely on one another for security.

While it is nice to have someone to share all of these wonderful college experiences with, it is important to not use each other as a comfort zone to hide behind. It is so easy to just hang out with your significant other and stay in your comfort zone, but that is not what college is about. It is important (especially in your first couple of months) to branch out and try to make new friends, because if you are too dependent on your S/O and you guys break up, or even if you are fighting, you will find that you have nobody else to turn to and that can get lonely.

2. Embrace Independence.

You don’t have to hang out with your S/O ALL of the time, and you shouldn’t. Just like it is important to branch out and make friends apart from your partner, it is equally as important to not spend every second of every day with your partner. You will have plenty of time for date nights, so don’t miss out on having your own life by joining different clubs and taking different courses. College is about making your own path and your path should not revolve around your partner, make your different paths together and you won’t end up with regrets.

3. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate.

This is important in any relationship, but it is especially important in college relationships because this is your introduction to the adult world. There is no room for the petty high school drama in college. Always be sure to communicate with your partner how you are feeling and make your voice heard. You possibly won’t see them every day and it is different in college because you don’t have as strict of a schedule, so while that leaves room for more independence, it is still important to always communicate with your partner about how you feel and what you want to do.

4. Trust.

Trust is crucial in all relationships, but especially when there is so much freedom and so many opportunities, it is important to trust your partner. If you don’t see them for a couple of days you have to trust that they aren’t off with someone else or are doing things behind your back. They might make friends that make you jealous, but like I said before this isn’t high school, so you need to learn to have a deep sense of trust with one another and know that while you are living your separate lives, you still love one another and always know where you stand.

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5. Make the most of it!

Some college relationships last a lifetime, and others last a week, college is the time to figure out what you want and who you are. While college is a blast and the lack of direction can be thrilling, the main point is to get your degree and further your education. So even if you would way rather have date night with your S/O, you need to remember to make time for your academics and career oriented things too. That might mean sacrificing some weekends going to academic conferences or a career fair instead of ditching class to go to the beach with your lover. Make sure you remember to focus on your courses and set yourself up for success.

College is a great time for self-discovery and adventures, and being in a relationship while trying to figure out your future can be difficult and overwhelming, but relationships in college are similar to any relationship. Just be yourself, have a good time, and remember why you are there in the first place. You should be growing in your relationship together. A relationship of communication, trust, and understanding as well as having a drive to be better is what will make your relationship fun, stable, and exciting all at the same time!

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