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10 Reasons Why You Need To Switch To Organic Food

10 Reasons Why You Need To Switch To Organic Food

For 10-15 years already, organic products have become very popular, especially in the West. Almost every grocery store has an aisle dedicated to healthy organic food, and even pastry shops started offering baked goods made with organic ingredients, and gluten and sugar-free. «Organic» has become a lifestyle for many people, and we have gathered 10 reasons why you should switch to organic food.

Reason #1

Products labeled “bio”, “eco” and “organic” are grown or produced without the use of genetically modified organisms, antibiotics, hormones, synthesized dyes, chemical preservatives, flavors, toxic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and chemical fertilizers.

10 Reasons Why You Need To Switch To Organic Food


Reason #2

An organic product is not coated with a pesticide cocktail – On average, 20–30 toxic chemicals remain on the peel of even a well-washed non-organic apple. With an apple (or any grown food), they get into our bodies, and you can imagine their hidden effect on our organisms.

Reason #3

Fresh organic produce usually contains 50 percent more vitamins, nutrients, enzymes and micronutrients than the similar product grown with the help of intensive chemical processing. The difference is obvious!


Reason #4

The transition to organic food today is the only way to avoid genetically modified foods. By Preferring organic, we protest against harmful GMOs.

Reason #5

For those who do not follow a vegetarian diet and eat meat and dairy products daily, the transition to organic food is very important. After all, most of the animals grown on non-organic farms are crammed with a dangerous cocktail of antibiotics, growth hormones and anti-parasitic drugs – regardless of whether the animal has parasites or not. Together with meat and dairy products, all these substances are also often present at our tables. And it is with these substances, which we unwittingly consume with our food, it is often alleged that meat products cause coronary diseases and high blood pressure. Moreover, animals are fed predominantly with genetically modified soybeans, and it is not yet known how this will affect our health. On organic farms, there was not a single case of a mad cow disease. All these factors speak in favor of organic products and subsistence farming.


Reason #6

Compare the taste of organic and non-organic apples, and you will notice that organic apples are probably more juicy, fragrant, tasty.

10 Reasons Why You Need To Switch To Organic Food

Reason #7

Many countries are exploring their soil and come to disappointing conclusions. Soils that are used in non-organic agriculture are poor in minerals and extremely polluted. Each productive year exhausts them more and more due to processing with synthetic fertilizers, forcing the soil to produce more products than it can. The soil does not contain beneficial minerals, so where do they come from in products? Moreover, the use of synthetic enrichment substances and chemical protection of the harvest leads to the fact that many species of birds, insects, wild mammals and reptiles are on the verge of extinction. Organic farms support and preserve nature and soil since they do not use chemical fertilizers.

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Reason #8

The use of chemicals in non-organic agriculture has a detrimental effect on the health of farmers. Cancer cases and respiratory problems are on the increase. This is especially noticeable in agricultural workers in developing countries. So, by switching to organic products, we will also show our care about the health and well-being of our neighbors and farmers.


Reason #9

It is often believed that organic food is too expensive. BUT, if you calculate how much money is spent annually on purifying drinking water from toxic chemicals found in the soil, how much a surge of mad cow disease, bird flu and other things cost the global economy, it becomes obvious that organic food is much more cost-effective.

10 Reasons Why You Need To Switch To Organic Food

Reason #10

Organic products develop our creative potential. Yes, yes, exactly, there is no error here. We are not only discovering protein-rich vegetable foods, such as lentils and chickpeas, which can partially replace animal protein foods. We become more inventive in the kitchen. We recall that we can cook ourselves, and not buy harmful concentrates and semi-finished products. Try at least once to bake homemade bread, and you no longer want to return to the industrial. Cookies baked by your hands will not only have a special flavor – they are also much cheaper at the exit. And you will know exactly what ingredients they were prepared from.


Take the first step towards a healthy future!

Do you have any thoughts about switching to organic food? Leave them in comments below.

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