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5 Reasons Why Jojoba Oil Is Your New BFF

5 Reasons Why Jojoba Oil Is Your New BFF

Natural oils are known for having various benefits for hair, skin and nails. Though personally, I have always been skeptical of applying oil onto my face since I’ve had some unpleasant enounters with, the one and only, acne. Acne is a common factor for prompting or contributing to a lower self-esteem, and, in worse cases, depression.

On a brighter note, there are some remedies that assist in the healing journey besides Retin-A and Proactiv: A healthy diet + Jojoba oil.

Here are the 5 reasons why Jojoba oil should be your new BFF:


1. It’s Life Changing

If you’re unfamiliar with Jojoba oil, here’s what you should know:

Jojoba oil/hō’hōba/ is a liquid extracted from Simmondsia Chinesis seeds and widely used in cosmetics. It is inexpensive and can last you 8-10 months if you use it regularly.

I was introduced to it through my sister and it was an prompt “Eureka!” for me. I fell in love with it owing to the fact that it instantly adds soothing moisture to my skin all day as well as helps reduce the visibility of my acne scars.


I also use it when my skin is damp as the oil absorbs well abruptly into the skin and adds a nice shine to my face.

Fun fact: Native Americans use Jojoba oil to treat bruises and sores!


2. It’s Antibacterial

Jojoba oil contains antimicrobial and anti-fungal agents that kill E. coli infection, salmonella, and fungus Candida albicans. It contains Vitamin E; essential and non-essential fatty acids; other vitamins and minerals that help fight oxidative reactions accumulated from the exposure to exterior toxins such as pollution.

3. It Works on Normal, Oily and Dry Skin

According to research, Jojoba oil helps regulate sebum production – an oily and waxy substance produced by the sebaceous glands. It is found that Jojoba oil modulates the sebum production when used on oily skin. But don’t forget, a couple droplets will do the deed!


Moreover, since its formula contains Vitamin E naturally– an antioxidant that prevents and treats diseases, it has helped conceal acne scars that I’ve had for a while after a regular use of the oil! As mentioned above, Jojoba oil treats scars and wounds and the likelihood of it improving your skin is way higher than laser removal!

4. It Penetrates Hair Growth

Jojoba oil is always in my purse and secured in a ziplock, duh. I keep it for whenever I need it especially during the cold as my skin becomes increasingly dry and unattractively pale. Not only do I use it on my face and body, but I also apply it on my eyebrows, eyelashes and scalp.

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Once I remove my mascara using Vaseline Original Petroleum Jelly, I apply tiny droplets to my lashes and brows and it works like a dream!

I have also included Jojoba oil to my hair care routine like this: I apply it to my conditioner, or just leave it on its own on my scalp and let it sit there for a while. And guess what? It has been extremely useful for my dandruff problems!


5. Amazing Solution for Boosting Nail Growth

Last but not least, Jojoba oil has surprisingly helped nourish my nails and improve the strength of the nail beds.


Since Jojoba oil contains natural anti-fungal properties, it soothes cracked skin and helps cure athlete’s food and other types of nail fungus!

I usually soak my nails in jojoba oil and leave it to nutrify them with that luscious Vitamin E which helps with the quality of my nails overall!

Make sure to share your experiences as to why Jojoba Oil works for you the comments section!

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